These 7 TikTok Food Trends Defined 2022

FoodTok got creative this year.

Grated Egg Toast

Typical eggs on toast got an unexpected rebrand this year. By simply using a cheese grater, TikTokers created a whole new breakfast phenomenon with the hashtag #gratedeggtoast garnering 21 million views on the app.

Grinder Sandwich

Everyone has their go-to deli order, but the grinder sandwich reigned supreme for those making sandwiches at home. The star of the show? A dressed "grinder salad" with lots of seasoning and a crunch. #Grindersandwich has a solid 117.3 million views.

Balsamic Cola

It's not likely seltzer mixed with balsamic vinegar was on your radar at the beginning of 2022 and yet, in June the combination went viral as an alternative to Coca-Cola. Who would have thought? Now, #healthycoke has 89 million TikTok views.

Cowboy Caviar

Essentially a fresh bean dip made with tons of produce — bell pepper, tomato, onion, corn, jalapeños, and a bunch of herbs — TikTok users could not get enough of Cowboy Caviar. The recipe, with 138 million views to its hashtag, was a summer staple.

Butter Boards

In September of this year, TikTok began turning the typically plain spread into a charcuterie board-level appetizer with toppings like edible flowers, flaky salt, and herbs. The hashtag #butterboard now has a whopping 422.3 million views.

Sushi Bake

Reimagine the way you enjoy sushi with the TikTok-viral sushi bake, a casserole-like dish that combines imitation crab, spicy mayo, and seaweed. The hashtag #sushibake has 120.6 million views and tons of versions of the meal to try at home.

Tunacado Sandwich

Rounding out the year is the Tunacado sandwich from Joe & the Juice that went viral thanks to @dzaslavsky. #Tunacado has 21 million views and counting, and FoodTok is even trying to recreate the sandwich at home.

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