I Tried 3 Viral TikTok Eyeshadow Hacks, With Mixed Results

Some were more successful than others.

Getty Images/ Jonathan Knowles

TikTok makeup hacks are a dime a dozen, and while I do consider myself somewhat adept at makeup, it’s the only place where I’m always learning something new. Recently I’ve been inspired by seemingly foolproof eyeshadow hacks that I decided to take out for a test drive myself.

This hack has been blowing up on TikTok. All it really requires is an eyeshadow palette and a brush.

Things were not as simple as they seemed. I do not have the same eyelid real estate as many of the videos I saw so the result was kind of muddy and could have been achieved with just two or three shades instead of the five shown in the videos.

This look involves eyeshadow, concealer, and an array of makeup brushes. Any seasoned makeup artist can make even the most complicated things look easy, so I was wary going into this.

My final look was nowhere near as neat and clean as the TikTok equivalents, but I got closer than I thought. I did swap out the concealer for a white eyeshadow pen and in an ideal world would have more thin, specialized eyeshadow brushes to work with.

This colorful eyeshadow look only requires a tissue and eyeshadows. The process actually seems foolproof since there is essentially no technique or dexterity required.

This was not only my favorite look, but it was also the easiest to recreate. I settled on shades of red and orange and quickly dabbed the colors onto my lids. The pigment transferred more boldly than I expected and I liked the high fashion vibe of the “messy” colors.

The tissue paper hack can also be blended out for a subtle and clean look. I found this to actually be a better way to blend and create dimension than the five-shadow line hack. This was the easiest TikTok eyeshadow hack of them all.