8 Genius TikTok Makeup Hacks That'll Upgrade Your Beauty Game

Including how to DIY a custom lipstick shade.

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8 genius TikTok makeup hacks that'll upgrade your beauty game.
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You can learn how to do practically anything from TikTok. While the videos that show how to properly flip a grilled cheese are pretty darn impressive, you can also find some genius TikTok makeup hacks that'll upgrade your glam routine.

A number of big-time beauty influencers turn to the video sharing app to showcase the latest makeup looks, including James Charles and his signature tutorials, Meredith Duxbury’s liquid foundation routine, and Thuy Le's bold glow-ups (just for starters). Sure, the quarantine may have made getting dressed up a thing of the past, but that doesn't mean you can't turn to your eyeshadow palettes and lipstick collection to test out new makeup techniques. It'll spruce up your sweatpants outfit anyways.

Whether you're looking for creative ways to apply bronzer or for alternative uses for your lip products, there are countless TikTok makeup hacks that'll level up your pigment game. And, some of the best don't even require you to touch your wallet — all you need is the trusty makeup bag you already have.

If you're ready to play with some color, these savvy TikTok users have got you covered. Grab your makeup brush and keep reading for some serious makeup application inspo.


Make Your Own Liquid Eyeliner

Pro makeup artist Tiana Winder is all about saving money. If you’re searching far and wide for a liquid liner that matches your eyeshadow, look no more: Winder says all you need to do is combine a drop of mixing medium (she recommends Inglot's Duraline) with an eyeshadow of your choice, and it'll turn into homemade liquid liner. The best part? Besides the fact that you can create custom colors, Winder says it won't crack and it's smudge-proof, so it'll stay on-point all day long.


Get The Perfect Straight Eyeshadow Line

If you're looking to create a sharp eyeshadow look, makeup content creator Sian Bligh says all you need is a sharp edge. Grab a ticket or any thick piece of paper, hold it over your cheek at the angle you want to capture, blend on your eyeshadow, and voilà — you've got a sharp look with no fallout.


Apply Bronzer With Upward Brushes

New York City-based content creator Nadia Rykova believes that most people are applying bronzer incorrectly. Instead of the common motion of drawing a "3" on the side of your face, she prefers a more well-blended technique. Simply dip your brush into your bronzer, swipe up along your cheekbone several times until you have enough color, then blend it in upward motions. After that, apply along your hairline, then highlight under your eyes, and voila: Your face is contoured.


Use A Q-Tip For Shaping Your Brows

Surprisingly, the one drugstore makeup tool your eyebrows may be missing is a Q-tip. Makeup expert Tawney Lee has been using these as a measuring marker ever since middle school. All you do is take an eyebrow pencil to mark spots the Q-tips lines up against: the end of your brows, the beginning of your brow (where the eye starts), the end point of your brow that lines up with the end of your eye, and the middle and highest point of your brow. Then, all you have to do is connect the dots and fill in as you go using short strokes. "Clean it up, and congratulations, you have decent brows," said Lee.


DIY Your Own Lipstick

Beauty influencer Alessandro has a brilliant hack for making lipstick in any color you want. All you need is Vaseline and eyeshadow. Just mix a pea-sized amount of Vaseline on any shadow of your choice and mix until it's fully blended. Then apply — though if you want extra oomph, he suggests playing around with glittery colors to create a truly glam look.


Try Double Priming For A Smoother Face

If you’re looking to apply full face of makeup that lasts, makeup influencer Rocio Soria says double priming is a must. Not only does it keep your products in place, but it evens out your complexion so that it's super smooth. She prefers using a gripping primer first, then adding a regular primer on top. For even more coverage, she recommends misting some setting spray over your face before blending your foundation to ensure everything's sealed in.


Switch Up Your Application Order

This TikTok user swears by an unconventional makeup application regimen: Starting with a moisturizer, then a thin layer of translucent powder, a mist of setting spray, and then your primer. According to her, applying your foundation after these steps makes for longer-lasting makeup that doesn't crease.


Apply Powder For Longer-Lasting Brows

TikTok user Jackie Araujo has a hack for those with oily skin that'll allow your sculpted brows to last longer. She says to start by applying translucent powder on already-filled eyebrows, then swipe on some brow gel. According to her, this helps make your arches look less drawn-on and they won't reflect light, plus they'll be able to withstand your oil production throughout the day without melting off.

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