How To Get The Perfect Smoky Eye In 5 Steps

by Emily McClure

Smoky eyes are the OGs of eye makeup trends, and are perfect for when you don't have a lot of time to get ready. Don't believe me? Forget about all the tutorials that say you need to spend hours blending to get the perfect look. Creating a smoky eye can be as effortless as ordering your favorite coffee. You just need to know what you like, and proceed from there. Start off by choosing your eyeshadow colors. Smoky eyes are the best way to push your makeup boundaries. Want to rock the classic black look or maybe you want to try a funky blue eye shadow? This look is all about having fun and looking fierce. Smoky eyes take your best features, and making them pop. It's the perfect look for a date night or even a night out on the town.

The best part is that this look doesn't have to take forever. All you need is a few products and tools to create this effortless look! Trust me, you won't have panda eyes by the end of the night if you prep the look properly. Here are a few tips to creating an easy, effortless smoky eye — because nobody has time to spend hours and house in front of the mirror.

1. Primer

The key to any eye-makeup look is eyeshadow primer. The liquid or cream product will lock your shadows in place, so they look vibrant all day. Try Laura Mercier's Eye Primer or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Both are great for keeping your smokey eye looking #onfleek.

2. Transition Shade

After priming your eyes, start with a transition shade in your crease. Can't find your crease? Use your eyeshadow brush, and push in slightly. Wherever the brush dips inward is your crease. Buff in a warm brown eyeshadow into this area. This will allow all of your other shadows to blend in perfectly without giving you crazy panda eyes.

3. Cream Shadow Sticks

Take your favorite creamy shadow stick, and apply it from lid to crease. Apply the stick on both your upper and lower lash lines as well to keep the look uniform.

4. A Fluffy Brush To Blend

Take a fluffy brush, and blend the cream eyeshadow shade. This technique will fade the cream shade into the brown transition shade to create an effortless smoky eye.

5. Highlight Shade

Take a creamy nude shade, and place in the inner corner of your eye. Just like that your eyes appear more open and striking.

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