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Miley Cyrus' Best Hair Moments From 2006-2023

She’s the ultimate beauty chameleon.

For her second “Miley Cyrus New Year’s Eve Party” in December 2022, Cyrus wore her hair down and lon...
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Miley Cyrus has done it all — at least hair-wise. From long waves in her Disney days to a shorter blonde style at her New Year’s Eve special, the singer has tried a wide range of colors and cuts — and rocked every single one. Take a look back and see some of her best hair moments.

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As the reigning pop princess of Disney, the “Hannah Montana” star wore her brunette hair long with luscious curls.

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Cyrus swung the pendulum the other way. In 2010, she ditched her brunette shade and debuted strawberry blonde hair.

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Cyrus kept the blonde color and chopped her long hair into a sophisticated bob. Curled and winged at the bottom, this look gave major old Hollywood glam vibes.

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For better or worse, Cyrus’s Bangerz era was a defining moment in her career that no one will ever forget. On the bright side, these mini space buns were adorable.

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Faux-hawk Miley is on the Mount Rushmore of Cyrus' best hair looks. Here, she wore her short hair in a frosted blonde shade.

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By this point, it had been a long time since the public had seen Cyrus with long hair. Here, she grew out her strands and wore it in a top knot with a few pieces cascading down.

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Cyrus could convince anyone to get bangs. Here, she styled them with her hair long and gelled for that “I-just-got-out-of-the-shower” look.

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Who better than Miley Cyrus to bring back the mullet? In 2022, she gave the “business in the front and party in the back” look a sleek update.

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Cyrus went bleached blonde cut in a cool shag haircut that sat just a little past her shoulders. It fit her rocker chic style perfectly.

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For her second “Miley Cyrus New Year’s Eve Special” in December 2022, Cyrus wore her hair down and long in a wavy golden honey shade to match her co-host and godmother Dolly Parton’s signature blonde.

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