'The Circle' Season 4 Star Yu Ling Wu Is Already A Beauty Icon

Wu chats with Bustle about Gen Z beauty trends, packing her holy grail makeup products for the show, and more.

Yu Ling Wu from 'The Circle' Season 4 chats with Bustle about her favorite makeup products, beauty i...

If you’re already caught up on ‘The Circle’ Season 4 on Netflix, then you’ve undoubtedly taken note of one of the contestants’ epic makeup skills. Here, Yu Ling Wu chats with Bustle about all things beauty and dishes on her favorites.


You’re on the cusp between Gen Z and millennials. Which team’s beauty trends do you prefer?

Trends come and go. The people who really stand out are the folks who take from [a trend] then define it for themselves. You have to know the rules to break them, and that is more Gen Z than anything.

Describe your beauty philosophy in three words.

No. F*cks. Given.

Where do you find inspiration for your makeup looks?

I’m constantly on TikTok. The TikTok girlies are most likely influencing me, for sure. But I also like to pull from anime and video games. Sometimes, I’ll just look at my plants, hear a song, match my outfit, or even recreate the flavor of a snack.


“The more open I am to inspiration, the more I find it everywhere.”


Was it difficult for you to pack for the show?

I had a really hard time, especially because I don’t really plan my looks. I wake up and just feel the vibe of the day, so I needed to pack versatile beauty products: all of my water-activated liners for intricate looks, Tarte Shape Tapes, 17 different setting sprays — because ya never know. Half of what I brought was beauty.

What’s the one product that you can’t live without?

That’s literally the hardest! Like choosing my favorite child ... I have to say it’s my Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette. Because it’s neutral but also has color, and I can probably do a whole face with everything in there.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

I went through three or four different colors just last year. I brought a bunch of hair masks with me and Olaplex is definitely number one. I also brought Milbon, this really special conditioner, from my hairstylist. Blue shampoo and Verb hair oil.

“I also had to touch up my own hair color [while filming] so I used Good Dye Young. Thank you, Miss Hayley Williams.”
See On Good Dye Young


Is there one particular makeup look from the show that was your favorite?

I don’t even remember all of them. I was pulling looks everyday because I could not be slacking on tv! It’s between two: the spirally candy cane look and a look I did to match a pair of vintage Issey Miyake pants I had.

Who do you consider a beauty icon?

Obviously, the Spice Girls. They were giving us range — simply put. And I just have to give a shoutout to my queen Lady Gaga. I was a Little Monster from eighth grade until now and wrote my entire personal statement [for college] about her.

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