'The Circle' Season 4 Star Yu Ling Wu Is Already A Beauty Icon

Wu chats with Bustle about Gen Z beauty trends, packing her holy grail makeup products for the show, and more.

Yu Ling Wu from 'The Circle' Season 4 chats with Bustle about her favorite makeup products, beauty i...

If you’re already caught up on ‘The Circle’ Season 4 on Netflix, then you’ve undoubtedly taken note of one of the contestants’ epic makeup skills. Here, Yu Ling Wu chats with Bustle about all things beauty and dishes on her favorites.


You’re on the cusp between Gen Z and millennials. Which team’s beauty trends do you prefer?

Trends come and go. The people who really stand out are the folks who take from [a trend] then define it for themselves. You have to know the rules to break them, and that is more Gen Z than anything.