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11 At-Home Date Ideas Inspired By Clueless, Parent Trap, & More Of Your Favorite Movies

For when you just can’t watch another episode of The Office.

There isn't much to do right now as far as date nights go right now. You probably can't sit in a restaurant, go to parties, or cozy up in the back corner of a bar. But you and your partner still can have a fun date at home based on your favorite movies. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration.

Bridesmaids: Make Desserts

Based on one of the best scenes in Bridesmaids, spend an afternoon making heart-shaped cookies, chocolate fondue, and pink lemonade that's "so fresh." If you can get your hands on a puppy (or four) even better.

Girls Trip: Work On Your Bartending Skills

You might not be able to go out and have as much fun as they do in Girls Trip, but you and your partner can use the time at home to work on your bartending skills. Mix up a few drinks and have your own wild night, indoors.

Napoleon Dynamite: Make Friendship (Or Relationship) Bracelets

Deb is all about her "hand-woven handicrafts" — aka, keychains — in Napoleon Dynamite. So find string and beads, and start weaving your own with your partner. Eventually move onto bracelets, and then promise to wear them for the rest of quarantine.

Crazy Rich Asians: Treat Yourselves To Dinner

To pull from the fancy dinner scene in Crazy Rich Asians, why not treat yourselves to dinner? Buy the $16 bottle of wine, order from the nice restaurant, and go all out and get appetizers. It'll make your at-home date feel extra special.

Juno: Play Guitar On The Stoop

In arguably the most adorable scene in Juno, Juno and Bleeker play guitar on the stoop, after going through a lot together. Use that as inspiration to pull out your instruments and write a few songs.

The Parent Trap: Camp In The Backyard

Set up a tent in your backyard — or construct a pillow fort in the living room — and recreate the summery, campy vibe from The Parent Trap. Play cards, eat Oreos with peanut butter, and if you're feeling brave, cut each other's hair.

Jumanji: Play Boardgames

For a 90s throwback, let Jumanji inspire you to blow the dust off your old boardgames and have a night of friendly competition. Hopefully you'll both get sucked into the game figuratively, and not literally.

Any Scary Movie: Tell Ghost Stories

Watch any of your favorite horror movies — Scream? Poltergeist? Get Out? — and then stay up late telling your own scary stories. For a terrifying visual effect, hold a flashlight under your chin.

Clueless: Have A Fashion Show

Dramatically pile all your clothes on the floor like Cher in Clueless, and spend the evening coming up with cool outfits. Pick a theme like "70s" or "first day of school" and try to impress each other with your sartorial knowledge.

The Goonies: Go On An "Adventure"

Set up a scavenger hunt in your apartment, and then create a wrinkled, old-looking treasure map, just like the one in The Goonies, for your partner to follow. Extra points if you slightly burn the corners with a lighter.

13 Going on 30: Dance On Your Bed

If all else fails, blast your favorite album and dance recklessly on your bed, like Jenna in 13 Going on 30. It's fun, will shake off the boredom — and is the next best thing to actually going out dancing with your partner.

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