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11 Christmas Date Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

Because the holiday specials are always the best.

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Christmas date ideas inspired by TV shows.
The Mindy Project / Hulu

If you and your partner start feeling bored one holiday eve, spice things up by scrolling through this list of Christmas dates inspired by TV shows, and choosing an activity or two. Want to volunteer? Bake cookies? Write Christmas jingles? It's all here.

Write A Christmas Tune

If you possess tons of musical talent, like Phoebe from Friends, spend your date night writing holiday songs. Strum a guitar, come up with ridiculous lyrics, and record it all for posterity.

Make Xmas Cards

If you could use a cute Christmas photo, like Dre and Pops in Black-ish, orchestrate a photoshoot at home by making a festive backdrop, sticking a Santa hat on your cat, and posing as a family.

Look For Christmas Lights

Stealing from this Bob's Burgers scene, hop in the car and hunt down holiday decor in your neighborhood. Don't give up till you find the street that went way overboard with lights and blow-up snowmen (every town has one) and do a few laps.

Talk About Christmases Past

Make like Mac and Charlie in It's Always Sunny and talk about your Christmas memories. Describe the coolest gift you got as a kid, the cookies you always made with your grandpa, and — if you have them — watch home videos.

Donate To A Hospital

Inspired by Scrubs, spend a charitable date night donating to a hospital. Check their website to figure out if they could use masks, gloves, bleach, etc., and if they'd like for supplies to be mailed or dropped off.

Get Crafty

Are you in need of a popsicle stick ornament? A sweater with tinsel sewn throughout? Or a homemade wreath for your door? Then pretend you're on At Home With Amy Sedaris, and make it.

Have A Bake-Off

Sure, you could peacefully bake cookies while the snow falls gently outside. Or, you could turn your kitchen into a battleground where you compete to make the best cookies, like in Christmas Cookie Challenge.

Enjoy Your Town

If you aren't traveling home for Christmas this year, find ways to appreciate your town, like they always do in Gilmore Girls. Get coffee at your favorite cafe, stroll the streets, or just stay in and eat organic tater tots.

Throw A Christmas Party

If you need an excuse to spend time with your crush, copy Mindy from The Mindy Project and throw a Christmas party at home — but make it just for the two of you. If you've been together for a while, you can even exchange key necklaces.

Make A Gingerbread House

From angling the roof, to perfectly applying gumdrops, nothing will test your relationship — in a good way — quite like constructing a gingerbread house together. Let Holiday Gingerbread Showdown inspire you to give it a try.

Dance To Christmas Music

Watch the "holi-slay" special of RuPaul's Drag Race, then blast your favorite Christmas songs and dance around your living room. For added effect, get dressed up.

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