9 HIIT-Style Cycling Workouts Trainers Love

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Cycling HIIT workout ideas to try, straight from trainers.
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Cycling is a great way to get an effective HIIT workout. By pedaling at different intensity levels, you can improve your cardiovascular system and build strength, says Equinox instructor Annie Murray. Add music, and it’s also pretty fun! Here are 9 HIIT cycling workouts to try.

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Murray recommends this circuit to challenge your body.

- Turn on a playlist.

- First song, pedal slow at 60 RPMs (revolutions per minute).

- Next song, pedal faster at 70 RPMs.

- Increase by 10 RPMs for each new song.

- Hit 100 RPMs, then repeat backwards to 60.

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Five Rounds

Trainer TJ Mentus says this routine simulates riding uphill.

- Low resistance, pedal at 95 RPMs, 30 seconds.

- Medium resistance, pedal at 80 RPMs, 1 minute.

- High resistance, pedal at 70 RPMs, 30 seconds.

- Repeat 5 times.

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To The Beat

Fitness coach Stephanie Butterfield-Richardson says this is a great conditioning workout.

- Pedal to a playlist at easy pace.

- Every time the chorus comes in, add medium resistance.

- Pedal fast, 30 seconds.

- Pedal easy, 15 seconds.

- Repeat intervals for 20 minutes.

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20 Minute

Butterfield-Richardson suggests adding resistance.

- Light resistance, pedal easy pace, 5 minutes.

- Increase resistance, pedal faster, 5 minutes.

- Increase again, stand out of saddle, 5 to 8 minutes.

- Lower resistance, sit back down and pedal easy, 3 minutes.

- Repeat 3x.

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Floor Work

Butterfield-Richardson recommends getting off the bike, too.

- Jumping jacks, 30 seconds.

- Plank hold, 30 seconds.

- Sit-ups, 30 seconds.

- On bike, pedal fast tempo, light resistance, 30 seconds.

- Stand up, hard resistance, 30 seconds.

- Repeat 3x.



Trainer Jesse Feder offers this low-impact routine.

- Warm up slow speed, 10 minutes.

- Pedal at 5 RPE, 2 minutes.

- Recover, 1 minute.

- Pedal at 6 RPE, 2 minutes.

- Recover.

- Pedal at 7 RPE, 2 minutes.

- Recover.

- Pedal at 8 RPE, 2 minutes.

- Cool down.

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Trainer Jake Dickson says to pedal with the cadence of a song.

- Set bike to light resistance (but not so light you bounce in the seat).

- Choose a song with steady tempo.

- Pedal at 6 to 10 RPE.

- Slowly increase pedaling speed to perform spin-ups.

- Repeat 3 sets.



Coach Dan Nisbet suggests doing sprints:

- Pedal easy, 5 minutes.

- Set to 3/10 resistance, sprint 10 seconds.

- Pedal easy, 30 seconds.

- Set to 5/10 resistance, sprint 10 seconds.

- Pedal easy, 30 seconds.

- Set to 6/10 resistance, sprint 10 seconds.

- Repeat pattern 4x.

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HIIT Challenge

To make this high intensity, truly pedal as hard as you can, says trainer David Rosales.

- Pedal hard, 10 seconds.

- Pedal easy, 20 seconds.

- Repeat 8x.

- Rest for 3 minutes.

- Repeat another set 8x.

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