11 Ideas To Replace Your Commute If You Miss Your Routine

Hint: lots of yoga.

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Whether you love or hate your current office arrangement, carving out a few minutes for yourself every morning can help you start your day off right. Here, 11 women share how they’ve replaced the time they used to spend on the road or on public transit with a “fake commute.”

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"I have added 10 minutes of morning yoga, along with more throughout the day, after completing a 30-day challenge during the first lockdown." — Pola, 40

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"I’ve been using Duolingo to learn Spanish, which I studied through college but got rusty. I now do about 30 minutes in the morning with coffee (I previously had a 40-minute commute). I am really enjoying it, and probably need to get a language partner soon." — Sarah, 36

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"Does trying to get more sleep count? I used to get up before 5 a.m. to get to the gym, now if my body lets me, I sleep till 5:40 then get up and run or workout in our new makeshift garage gym." —Lisa, 39

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"I've been working from home since before the pandemic, but not long after I made I started setting my alarm an hour before I wanted to be out for my run to have coffee and (ideally) journal. My day is better when I actually do the journaling." — Amanda, 38

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"I’ve subbed in sleep for my former commute time and I’m way better rested now. I don’t have to shower/get dressed/fix my hair, I don’t have to actually commute, and I don’t have to get up extra early to run. Even if I run before work I can go later than I used to." — Tracy, 36

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"My quality of life has drastically improved without a commute. I give my dogs a 45-minute walk, I spend time with my DSLR [camera], and still have time to either swim or run before my workday starts." — Steena, 39

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"I’ve added 10 minutes of listening to my favorite songs and journaling — writing down all the thoughts I have in my head. This is a great way to prevent overthinking and to clear your head first thing in the morning." — Ivana, 36

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"I now take 30 minutes to read the newspaper with my coffee." — Rebecca, 45

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"I’ve been learning Korean through Talk to Me in Korean (a program consists of a podcast, book and workbook) during my new puppy’s two morning walks, which last 10-20 minutes each." — Hilary, 35

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"I have terrible anxiety, so now that I'm home, I start my day off with some music. I dance around my kitchen to an upbeat playlist while I make my French press coffee. The music and dancing help my anxiety by helping me focus." — Tonya, 32

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"Since the start of the pandemic, I've added twice-weekly virtual morning yoga sessions to my routine. I like starting my day this way because combining a workout with meditation brings me calm." — Amy, 39