Hinge Added A Video Prompt Feature, So Get Your Camera Rolling

It's the fastest way to show off your personality.

This dating app user is filming a video for Hinge's new video prompt.
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On Sept. 20, Hinge rolled out a new feature: video prompts. Similar to the dating app’s voice prompts feature, which launched in 2021, this new tool is designed to help you show potential matches exactly who you are.

Users can record video clips of up to 30 seconds from right within the app. There’s no way to upload a pre-existing video using these prompts, and that’s by design. A rep for Hinge tells Bustle, “In the age of BeReal, the company is encouraging more in-the-moment authenticity.”


There are currently 13 available prompt questions. One of the most popular is “Hi from me and my pet,” according to Logan Ury, Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science. Others include “I’m a 10 but” and “Quick story time.”

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If a picture says a thousand words, a video basically says a million. “More than half of Hinge daters find mannerisms to be the most interesting part about watching a video of a potential partner, followed by the sound of their voice and seeing their environment,” a rep says.

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For best results, Ury recommends filming in natural light, tidying up your background before you hit record, and keeping the vibe upbeat and informal.

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The idea makes sense for 2022. “We are living in a time where TikTok and Reels have become standard practice of infotainment,” says Maria Avgitidis, a matchmaker and the founder of Agape Match. “I really applaud this decision and feel like it’s in the right direction.”

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Video content works. One Hinge user tells Bustle, “I love the idea of seeing someone’s mannerisms and general vibe on video before I meet them. I want to know how your voice sounds and what it looks like when you laugh or tell a story! If I use it (and I think I might try it), I’d probably keep it light and fun.”


Another user isn’t quite as sold. “I probably wouldn’t make a video myself, but I’d definitely appreciate it in my matches,” she says.

The feature is already generating potential love connections.

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If you’re not feeling the feature, that’s OK. You can skip video content altogether, or upload pre-existing videos to your Hinge profile — they’ll just replace one of your regular photos.

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