15 Hilarious Answers To Hinge’s “Dating Me Is Like” Prompt

Time to flaunt your funny bone.

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While it can be cause for many an eye roll, online dating certainly has its entertaining moments. We’ve all come across potential matches with hilarious dad jokes in their bios or goofy photos of their dance moves at a wedding reception. With its plethora of prompts, Hinge offers lots of opportunities to flaunt your funny bone. While you’re completing or updating your Hinge profile, it may be tricky to come up with some really good responses — especially if you want to use the “dating me is like” prompt.

Many dating app users are inclined to match with someone rocking a great sense of humor, so the pressure is on to fill your dating app bio with clever one-liners. Those glimpses of silliness might give you a good idea of what dating them is like, and a shared sense of humor goes a long way to developing chemistry with someone. “Having the same sense of humor shows that two people think alike and are very compatible with each other,” Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking previously told Bustle.

If you’re stumped on figuring out a cheeky way to show off your comedic genius, try one of these funny “dating me is like” Hinge prompt examples.


Cutting open a perfectly ripe avocado: flawless.

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There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a perfectly smooth, even avocado. Your matches better have their toast prepared.


Riding your favorite roller coaster, but it never stops running and you can’t get off of it. Embrace the chaos.

There’s someone for everyone, so you’re bound to find someone who will appreciate the method behind your madness.


An unexpected direct deposit hitting your account right after you paid all the bills. I’m exactly what you needed.

There are few things worse than the feeling of watching your paycheck go in one bank account and right back out again. Let your potential matches know you can be the cure.


Taking a big sip of water that actually turns out to be your favorite vodka. Surprise!

You know that romance thrives on spontaneity, so you always keep your partner on their toes.


Earning the Nobel Prize, because it’s a true honor.

… need you say more?


Discovering a gift card in your wallet for the restaurant you’re eating at right before you pay the check.

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What could be better? You’re like a perfectly timed gift from the universe.


Hearing your favorite song repeated multiple times in one playlist. It may get a little annoying… but it’s still your favorite.

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac may get tiring after the third time it plays in an hour, but your match’s favorite tune can never truly go out of style. Just like you.


Pulling up to the drive-thru window to pay for your coffee and finding out the person in front of you beat you to it.

What better way is there to start the day than with an unexpected free latte? Watch your matches line up immediately.


Eating a warm, delicious cookie and then discovering that it’s an edible. You’re in for quite the trip!

For potential matches who might be cannabis connoisseurs, this is an instant laugh. Maybe you can bond over your stoner stories.


Winning one of those “free every week for life” contests; I’m the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re willing to talk big game, this is the perfect response for you.


Forgetting your lunch at home but then learning that the office is providing everyone sandwiches from your fave spot. So satisfying.

After you match, you two can plan a cute lunch date at said local sandwich shop.


Getting a complimentary glass of champagne after a slightly turbulent flight. It may be a bumpy ride, but the reward is worth it.

Honesty is usually pretty endearing. Use this prompt if you know you’re a bit of a mess, but have plenty of sweetness to offer.


Waking up in a panic, thinking you overslept and are late for work — but then you remember it’s Saturday.

There may not be anything superior to that feeling of relief when you can go right back to sleep. Use this prompt to say that you’re their ticket right back into dreamland.


Having to stop in the middle of the street while a line of baby ducklings waddles across. Slightly irritating, but undeniably cute.

Very few would disagree that a gaggle of baby ducks following their mama across the street is downright adorable, even if it makes you a few minutes late for work. Your matches will probably find this response irresistibly charming.


Finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly on the first try, and they’re on sale. It’s fate.

Everyone can relate to the feeling of slipping into your next favorite pair of jeans, and maybe you really are that perfect fit.

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