Here’s What 75% Of Americans Want In Bed

Plus, how the pandemic affected our sex lives.

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the stress of the covid-19 pandemic had major effects on Americans' sex lives.
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COVID-related stress may have led to a tight jaw or chewed-off fingernails. But how did it affect our sex lives? A 2021 study of 2,000 sexually active Americans, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Foria, a sexual wellness CBD brand, looked at exactly that.

Heightened stress impacts your nervous system, and sex and libido are deprioritized on a biological level. Your stress levels can impact your level of arousal, lubrication, desire, and more — so addressing stress levels is key.

Kiana Reeves, somatic sex educator and Foria’s Chief Brand Officer.

Pandemic Anxiety Has Negative Impacts On Your Sex Life

If you thought you were the only one who let their stress get in the streets and between the sheets — think again. Fifty-six percent of participants agreed that their anxiety about the state of the world damped their sex life.

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Of Those Who Dealt With Anxiety, 2/3 Had Less Sex

Of the 56% of participants that dealt with pandemic anxiety, 60% of participants reported having sex less frequently since the start of the pandemic.

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2/3 of Americans Are Distracted During Sex

Since the start of the pandemic, 60% of respondents reported feeling “in their head” during sex — in a bad way.

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Sexual Performance Anxiety Rose During The Pandemic

Fifty-six percent of participants reported feeling stressed that their sexual performance wasn’t meeting their partners’ expectations. Of the respondent that feel sexual performance anxiety, 73% of respondents said it increased during the pandemic.

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3/4 of Americans Want To Work Through Sexual Anxiety

Seventy-five percent of respondents reported that it’s “extremely” or “very” important to them to overcome their sexual anxiety.

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Cis Men Still Orgasmed 2x As Much As Cis Women

The pandemic didn’t dismantle the orgasm gap. In fact, 42% of cis men surveyed reported climaxing as often as their partners did. But only 21% of cis women surveyed said the same.

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3/4 Of Americans Want More Spontaneous Sex

In a pandemic, it’s hard to do anything without pre-planning. Still, 73% of all respondents said they wish they were having more spontaneous sex.

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2/3 of Americans Jump Right Into Penetration

While more time indoors may mean more fooling around, most Americans skip past the flirty stuff. Sixty percent of respondents reported “rushing” through foreplay during penetrative sex.

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Pleasure May Be The Key To Less Stress & More Sex

“Everybody is unique when it comes to desire and arousal, but one thing is universal, pleasure helps reduce stress and promotes wellbeing,” Reeves said. “Experimenting with what feels pleasurable and good to you is key to having a satisfying sex life.”

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