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11 New Year’s Eve Dates Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite Movies

End 2020 on a good note.

It's tough to figure out what to do on the biggest party night of the year, particularly when the night in question is Dec. 31, 2020. But there are still plenty of New Year's Eve date ideas that'll make for a fun evening, like these inspired by your fave movies.

Do A 2020 Wine Tasting

Let the comedy Wine Country inspire you to gather an assortment of wines created in 2020, and do a very professional tasting in your kitchen. Keep sipping until you figure out which one you both like best.

Look At The Stars

Remember the stargazing scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? While you might not want to sprawl out on a frozen lake, it'll be super romantic to spend NYE looking up at the night sky.

Dye Your Hair

To end the year in true 2020 fashion, spend the evening dyeing each other's hair, inspired by Beauty Shop. Or — wait for it — finally getting bangs. Because if you made it to Dec. 31 without some sort of extreme makeover, you're doing it wrong.

Have A Candlelit Dinner

It's tough to watch classy dinner scenes, like the one in Pretty Woman, and not immediately wish your life was fancier. So why not make it happen this New Year's Eve? Get dressed up, set the table, and light all your candles.

Rent A Cabin

Look into renting a cute little cabin for the night a la The Holiday, where you can hang out just the two of you. It'll be a special way to treat yourselves, while also starting off 2021 on a good note.

Write Love Letters

Inspired by To All the Boys I've Loved Before, write letters detailing the things you love about each other, what you learned about your relationship in 2020, and what you want more of in 2021. Then exchange. It'll be cheesy, but in the best way.

Hit The Road

If you love road trip movies, like Y Tu Mamá También, then end the year by going on one yourselves. Have a fun destination in mind — like a romantic overlook or remote roadside attraction — or drive aimlessly and see where you end up.

Explore Your City

Spend the evening strolling around your city, having deep conversations, and enjoying each other's company, like the couples do in every Meg Ryan movie ever. Because sometimes the best dates are simple like that.

Go To A Drive-Thru

Find a drive-thru and treat yourselves to the five dollar milkshake — or whatever else seems New Year's Eve-worthy — then pull over and listen to old music while you dine.

Plan A Sunset Picnic

Inspired by Drinking Buddies, set out for a quick picnic before dusk. If you live somewhere warm, bring fruit, sandwiches, and mini desserts. If you live somewhere cold, bundle up and bring cheese, crackers, and a thermos of hot apple cider.

Stay In Bed

If all else fails, stay in bed and have some serious pillow talk, just like they do in The Brothers. Because there's no better way to ring in New Year's than with pajamas, warm blankets, and good company.