8 Outdoor Activities You Did As A Kid That Make Low-Key Excellent Workouts Today

According to MYXfitness coach Dan Lawrence, all you need for a good sweat is a love for the ‘90s.

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A woman hula hoops. These nostalgic outdoor activities make excellent workouts as an adult.
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Razor Scooter

"Every time you put your foot down to pedal, you’ll be generating ground contact force, which is sure to work the major muscles in the leg," Lawrence says. Plus, there's nothing like that scooter-on-pavement sound.



You don't need the ability to do tricks to get a workout from the age-old mark of a cool kid. Just wobbling down the street unsteadily will work your core and calves. Not to mention, it's great cardio.

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Hula Hoop

"From the same company that brought you the frisbee (no joke), comes the plastic hula hoop, which mimics the Hawaiian dance of the same name," says Lawrence. There's nothing past-tense about the way it'll work your core.


Roller Skating

Get your '80s vibe on and update your TikTok, because strapping into roller skates will work your entire body, from your glutes and hips to your cardiovascular system.


Double Dutch

Got two quarantine-mates and a couple of long jump ropes? "All indications point to a great workout," Lawrence says, because you'll be working your coordination, calves, and core, all while getting your heart rate up.


Monkey Bars

"Besides simultaneously making me feel like a kid back on the playground and a star on America Ninja Warrior, monkey bars provide an awesome workout," Lawrence says. Your core, arms, and grip strength will get a solid challenge, and you'll 100% feel like you're back at recess.

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Hacky Sack

"A small round bag filled with plastic pellets or sand will give you a great workout," says Lawrence. Think balance, hip mobility, and reaction time.


Playing Catch

"Catch involves rapid acceleration and deceleration, change in direction, hand-eye coordination," Lawrence says. Meaning, it's the nostalgic social distancing sport award-winner.

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