15 People Explain Their IUD Insertion In 10 Words Or Less

The good, the bad, and the extremely uncomfortable.

by JR Thorpe
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"IUDs are among the safest and most effective methods of birth control," Dr. Jonathan Schaffir M.D., an OB/GYN at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, tells Bustle — even if insertion is a real pain in the cervix. Here's what 15 people thought of the process.

Misoprostol, five Advils, five minutes later... I walked back home!

Caitlyn, 24

A pain that doesn't last, for five-plus years of benefits.

Brittany, 32

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Went great — but I had it done after two childbirths.

Rebecca, 40

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I was shocked by the pain and screamed bloody murder.

Eli, 33

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Anxiety. Stabbing. Relief.

Caitlin, 28

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Painless, as my cervix was already numb from an abortion.

Céline, 29

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Don't cut the strings too short: nightmare removal can ensue.

Amelia, 35


I had a panic attack after a doctor terrified me.

Ana, 33

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I had a resident, MD, and doula: too many cooks.

Miriam, 27


Most painful thing I've ever experienced, but glad I did it.

Ashley, 36

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I paid to be knocked out. Recommend it.

Donherra, 31

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Triggering if you’ve had a D&C or fetal genetic testing.

Rachel, 38

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I have high pain tolerance — oh wait, no I don’t.

Ayla, 34

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Crab claws pinching my uterus for an endless 10 seconds.

Beatriz, 25

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Very sharp, intense cramping for five minutes.

Brittany, 32

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