10 Ab Workouts That Only Take 5 Minutes

They're short... but they're spicy.

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Trainers share their favorite 5 minute ab workouts.

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Only have time for a quick sweat? According to trainer Kim D’Agnese, doing a 5-minute ab workout three times a week will result in a massive difference in your core strength and overall posture. Here are 10 quick ab routines to try.


Full Ab Workout

Emily Skye says you’ll work the deep abs, lower abs, and obliques.

- Plank leg lifts, 30 seconds.

- Plank push-ups, 30 seconds.

- Sit-throughs. In crawl position, push left knee to right hand. Alternate sides, 30 seconds.

- Bicycle crunches, 30 seconds.

Repeat 2x.