9 Genius Morning Routines For People Who WFH

Let these inspire you.

by Emilia Benton
A woman at her laptop with coffe on the table having her work from home morning routine
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Quarantine life has sparked many remote workers to take up newfound habits like a.m. workouts and home-cooked breakfasts. But if you're looking for inspo on how to stay productive without a set structure, here are nine work from home morning routines from people across the U.S.

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“I wake up and start working two hours before my kids wake up because it’s dangerous for them to be around my work equipment. Once they’re up, I make breakfast and spend the rest of the morning with them before getting back to it at nap time.”

Erica Sara Reese, jewelry designer

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“I have a personal rule of no phone, email, text messages, or news in the first 30 minutes after I wake up to avoid getting sucked into the 24-hour news cycle. Instead, I’ll drink coffee, read a book, or just relax in the quiet before starting on household tasks or work.”

Laura Galeazzo, running coach

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“I start the morning with affirmations that speak to the mindset I want for the day, and also listen to affirming music — mainly done while showering — before eating breakfast and making coffee. I also plan when I'll be doing more breathing exercises or mindfulness activities."

Brittany Johnson, licensed clinical social worker

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“I roll out of bed and get to work in my PJs. This has helped decrease any self-imposed judgment, pressure, and anxiety around feeling the need to be 'ready' for work. I’m ready and I’m doing my best. Having some tea and making a list of things that need to get done helps, too.”

Oludara Adeeyo, associate clinical social worker & psychotherapist

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“I wake up using a sunrise simulating alarm clock most of the year as it helps with my seasonal affective disorder, which makes getting up in the dark super hard. I then brush my teeth and take a 30-minute walk with my dog and no electronics.”

Tracy Green, senior account executive

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“I start my day by going for a run outside or walking the dog when the sun rises. Since I live in Boise, winter means the sun sometimes doesn't get above the foothills until almost 8, so I'll start in the dark and see the sun rise during my run. This makes me feel so energized."

Alexa Lampasona, publicist

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“I do 20 minutes of meditation with a mantra when I wake up, followed by 20 minutes of journaling, then I have a cup of tea or hot chocolate with quiet time to set the tone for my day. My computer doesn’t go on for at least an hour after waking up.”

Amy Coutts, actress & hypnotherapist

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“I’ve found I cannot work in pajamas. I have to take a shower, put on regular clothes, and put on at least some makeup to get into the work mindset."

Kat Tretina, writer & student loan counselor

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“I run my one-year-old daughter to daycare in my jogging stroller and then run back home. This helps me kill two birds with one stone — my baby gets to daycare and I get my workout in."

Colleen Orth, industrial equipment sales rep