Which All Stars Season Of Drag Race Is The Best? We Asked 13 Queens

The All Stars 6 contestants tell Bustle their favorite All Stars season on the Drive ‘N’ Drag red carpet in NYC.

VH1/All Stars 3
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Eureka O’Hara

All Stars 2 is the OG, I feel. It was the one that was like, ‘OK, this show’s everything.’ Plus, there were a lot of heavy hitters in that [season].”
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A’Keria C. Davenport

“Of course I’m gonna say [the season] that Kennedy [Davenport] was on, which was All Stars 3. All Stars 3 is my favorite season, with [Davenport], Trixie [Mattel, and] Shangela. It had some amazing talent, BenDeLaCreme.”

Yara Sofia

“Oh f*ck! OK, Trinity [The Tuck] and Monet [X Change]’s [season, All Stars 4].”
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Ra’Jah O’Hara

“My favorite All Stars season would have to be Season 5, because they crowned Shea Coulee finally. My girl, they crowned my girl finally! And b*tch, she better crown me! I don’t give a f*ck!”
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Jiggly Caliente

Most of my friends are all on All Stars 2. Plus the drama on All Stars 2. But nothing is as gag-worthy as Naomi [Smalls] picking Manila [Luzon]’s lipstick [on All Stars 4]. That's the gaggiest thing about All Stars. The girls are just bolder and more deadly.”
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Ginger Minj

“It’s All Stars Season 2. You said not to pick one that I was on, but I was barely on it, so I feel like I can pick it. Up until All Stars 6, it is the best season of Drag Race ever.”
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“All Stars 2, hands down. I mean, look at the material. From Coco [Montrese] all the way up to Alaska [Thunderf*ck], the girls were girling.”
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Kylie Sonique Love

“I absolutely love All Stars. I think my favorite season of All Stars would probably be Season 2.”
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Pandora Boxx

“What’s [All Stars]?”
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Serena ChaCha

“[All Stars 6] is the brightest, with the best personalities ever. It's like I have a curse. They can't put me in a season that’s easy. They’re always bring me where the strongest and the fiercest queens are, and I’m OK with being eliminated early when it’s against those fierce b*tches. You know what I mean? So Season 6, of course.”
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Trinity K. Bonet

“No, [I don’t have a favorite.] This is the best season.”
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Scarlet Envy

“I think All Stars 2 would probably be my favorite season. Because I like even numbers.”

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

All Stars 2 was my favorite, because the girls were fun. Even when you have Phi Phi O’Hara, [who]’s nasty in person and on the show. I absolutely live for her nastiness there, but if I see her in person I’m gonna fight her. [But] it was just authentic, and those girls truly inspired me. I don’t ever have to win this franchise, as long as I have the career and longevity like Coco Montrese, Alyssa Edwards, Roxxy Andrews, [and] Alaska [Thunderf*ck].”