Drag Race All Stars 6 Queens Pick Who Should Return For All Stars 7

RuPaul, these queens are ready for their RuDemption!

by Mary Kate McGrath and Hugh McIntyre
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 24: (L-R) Yara Sofia, Pandora Boxx, Eureka!, Ginger Minj, Trinity K. Bonet...
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Scarlet Envy: “Laganja Estranja”

“I kind of thought Laganja would be on our season,” Scarlet Envy tells Bustle, picking Laganja as her dream returnee for All Stars 7. “Let’s have more gorgeous trans women, whether it’s their first time or second time or third time.” Laganja, of course, showed up on AS6 as a lip-sync assassin, delivering one of the best lip-syncs in Drag Race herstory.

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Trinity K. Bonet: “Jessica Wild”

Trinity K. Bonet says Jessica Wild is “one of my favorites.” Trinity is one of three All Stars 6 queens who selected this Season 2 star.

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Jan: “Nicky Doll”

“I would love to see Nicky Doll,” Jan says. “I think she has a lot more to prove.” Will the French Seductress return to get her RuDemption in All Stars 7? We hope so.

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A’keria Davenport: “Peppermint”

A’keria Davenport’s pick for All Stars 7 is the multitalented Peppermint, who first appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9. Peppermint, who became a successful acting star and singer after the show, would be a joy to watch on AS7.

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Eureka: “Kameron Michaels”

Eureka wants to see Kameron Michaels back on the main stage. Miss Michaels was Top 4 on Season 10, and following her run on Drag Race Vegas Revue and on the Drag Saves 2021 superhero tour, this performer seems more than ready to slay.

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Kylie Sonique Love: “Yuhua Hamasaki”

Kylie Sonique Love would love to see Jessica Wild or Laganja Estranja, but ultimately chose Yuhua Hamasaki as her top choice to cast. “I really enjoy Yuhua Hamasaki,” she says. “I would love to see her again.”

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Ginger Minj: “Dida Ritz”

Ginger Minj picked Season 4 star Dida Ritz. “I’m surprised she hasn’t been on All Stars,” Ginger said. “She made it to the Top 5 of Season 4, and did one of the greatest lip-syncs of all-time.”

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Pandora Boxx: “Jessica Wild”

“I would love to see Jessica Wild because she was on my season,” Pandora Boxx says. “I think she’s an amazing talent, and I would love for a new audience to see her again.”

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Yara Sofia: “Jessica Wild”

Yara Sofia also gave a shout-out to Jessica Wild, making the queen the most in-demand among the All Stars 6 cast.

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Serena ChaCha: “Cynthia Lee Fontaine”

Serena ChaCha wants to see Season 8 and Season 9 contestant Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s cucu return for some RuDemption. Fans fell in love with Cynthia, who was Miss Congeniality for Season 8.

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Ra’Jah O’Hara: “Nina Bo’Nina Brown”

“I wanna see Nina Bo’Nina Brown,” Ra’jah said. Nina Bo’Nina shocked the judges in the best way on Season 9 with her innovative drag, but she ultimately struggled with her inner saboteur. Will she return with newfound confidence? Let’s manifest.

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Silky Nutmeg Ganache: “Monica Beverly Hillz”

“I’m always thinking about Monica Beverly Hillz,” Silky says. Monica, who was the second contestant to come out as a transgender woman on Drag Race, helped paved the way for more inclusivity on the show.

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Jiggly Caliente: “Heidi N’ Closet”

Heidi N’ Closet is one of the fan-favorites, she’s so funny,” Jiggly says. “She’s definitely elevated herself from her season to now, within the span of a year, in the midst of a pandemic. That just says a lot about somebody’s capabilities and their growth.”

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