17 Sickening Drag Race Lip-Syncs That Left RuPaul & Viewers Gagged

“Shantay, you stay!”

by Mary Kate McGrath
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Trinity K. Bonet vs. Laganja Estranja

All Stars 6 got sickening with this lip-sync between true lip-sync assassin Trinity K. Bonet and choreo queen Laganja Estranja. The queens both brought it to Dua Lipa’s “Physical,” and Laganja had everyone gagging start to finish. Okurrrrr!

Alyssa Edwards vs. Tatiana

When RuPaul revealed that winners would lip-sync in All-Stars seasons instead of the bottom queens, it was clear fans were going to see some intense performances. Alyssa Edwards and Tatiana’s “Shut Up And Drive” is one of the all-time best with their coordinated outfits, hair-ography, and jumping splits. The lip-sync has to be good when it inspires a Carson Kressley reaction GIF.

Dida Ritz vs. The Princess

Dida Ritz gave you pure joy in this lip-sync to Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” and secured her role as Season 4’s lip-sync assassin. As Latrice Royale confessed, “That is high drag at its finest.”

Denali Foxx vs. Kahmora Hall

Don’t worry — the new seasons of Drag Race are still turning out memorable lip-syncs. In Season 13, Chicago besties Denali and Kahmora lip-synced to Crystal Water’s “Pure Love” — and the performance went viral. While both queens look gorge, it was Denali who captivated the judges. RuPaul let the other queens know they should be intimidated, telling them, “I pity the fool who has to go up against you.”

Jujubee vs. Raven

There are so few memorable moments from the much-criticized All Stars 1, but if Jujubee and Raven’s emotional lip-sync to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” doesn’t make you tear up, chances are not much else will. Shantay, you both stay!

Yvie Oddly vs. Brooke Lynne Hytes

“C’mon, Cirque du Soleil!” Yvie Oddly and Brook Lynne Hytes both came to this lip-sync to Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” with one mission — to prove they have no bones. Brooke Lynne is a trained ballerina and Yvie has hyper-flexible joints due to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so needless to say, these two brought the stunts.

Valentina vs. Nina Bo'Nina Brown

Sometimes a Drag Race lip-sync goes down in history for all the wrong reasons. Valentina tried to lip-sync to Ariana Grande’s “Greedy” with a mask on. From RuPaul telling Valentina that “this is a lip-sync for your life, we need to see your lips” to Shea Coulee in the confessional saying “she doesn’t know the words,” this became one of the franchise’s most meme-able moments.

Chi Chi DeVayne vs. Thorgy Thor

Chi Chi Devayne left behind a powerful drag legacy that includes this lip-sync to Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going.” Chi Chi was already winning with an emotive performance before she punctuated the final high note by unleashing a flood of pearls onto the stage that made the judge’s jaws fully drop.

Ben De La Creme vs. Aja

Ben De La Creme and Aja brought two different interpretations to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” Aja busted out her best dance moves while De La brought a more comedic interpretation to the song. The two competitors came to get that big, big money early in the season and had the rest of the All Stars competition shook.

Kennedy Davenport vs. Katya

Katya and Kennedy Davenport’s lip-sync to Katy Perry’s “Roar” was a highlight of Season 7. Nobody wanted to see Katya’s inner saboteur win and she fought for her place in the Top 4. Miss Kennedy ultimately took the lead by breaking the fourth wall of lip-syncing and jumping off the stage into a full-on split. Violet Chachki was losing it in the background — and so did the fans at home.

Adore vs. Trinity K. Bonet

Trinity K. Bonet was the ascendent lip-sync assassin of Season 6, but this lip-sync to Paula Abdul’s “Vibeology” with Adore Delano proved that both queens could turn it out. Queens tend to give it their all when the musician is a guest and Paula seemed appropriately thrilled by this performance.

Monét X Change vs. Dusty Ray Bottoms

Monét X Change and Dusty Ray Bottoms’ smile-inducing lip-sync to Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” in Season 10 was one for the history books. Dusty put up her best fight, going for a sort of boozy aunt at the disco routine, but it was no match for Monét’s high-energy take on the track. Monet brought it with the vogueing, prop comedy, and a fake death drop that had the judges rolling in laughter.

Jinx vs. Detox

Jinx Monsoon and Detox faced off in this competition-defining lip-sync to Yma Sumac’s “Malombo No. 1” in Season 6. Jinx went full camp “kicking and dancing and bumping her hips” and managed to secure her shot at the crown in a season stacked with some of the franchise’s biggest names.

Mimi Imfurst vs. India Ferrah

Drag is not a contact sport. Unfortunately, this lip-sync to Thema Houston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way” is iconic for all the wrong reasons. India Ferrah had the judges captivated — until Mimi Imfurst decided to pick up the competition and throw her over the shoulder. It was a first on Drag Race, and thankfully, also a last.

Roxxxy Andrews vs. Miz Cracker

The All Stars 5 cast was subject to a new twist: In order to win the cash prize, they had to face off against a queen of a past season aka a lip-sync assassin. Miz Cracker was given the cursed task of lip-syncing against Roxxxy Andrews to Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time.” When Roxxxy did that “Thick & Juicy reveal?” Iconic, iconic!

Raja vs. Carmen Carrera

Drag Race loves to pit two besties against each other, and while not ideal, Raja and Carmen made the most of their lip-sync to Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.” RuPaul declared it one of “the most surprising” lip-syncs ever after the two queens straight up stripped down.

Sasha Velour vs. Shea Coulee

Sasha Velour redefined what a finale lip-sync could be when she unleashed a waterfall of petals from her wig during Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional.” Frontrunner Shea Coulee had plenty of dance moves, but she couldn’t have known her competitor brought her own special effects.

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