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The 10 Memes That Defined 2022

The internet’s inside jokes.

Core Memory, Unlocked

One of the most wholesome memes of the year included users sharing their core memories — or moments that felt like time stopped — with dreamy music in the background.

It’s Time To BeReal

The app that prompts you to take a forward-facing and backward-facing photo simultaneously defined 2022, and Twitter had a field day with it. Even if you weren't exactly sure how to BeReal at the time, this meme showed you how it's done.

What Are You Listening To?

Although the trend started with users like @shanrizman and @leon.ond genuinely asking passersby what song they were listening to, it quickly became fodder for LOL-worthy adaptations.


TikTok is one of the only places an AI old man filter can be the inspiration for so many hilarious takes. With his little red onesie and rhythmic dance moves along with “Feel No Ways” by Drake, Horace became an internet darling this year.

He’s A 10 But...

Your crush is a 10 but they drink cow’s milk. Or they don’t know which “you’re” to use. Or — gasp — they don’t remember this meme. The viral rating game lead to many laughs this year, which proved just how bad the dating scene has gotten.

It’s Corn!

Who knew corn (er, sorry, a big lump with knobs) would be such a starlet of the year? The viral Recess Therapy video starring Tariq, who’s now known by many as Corn Kid, led to a remixed song by @schmoyoho that got 10.7 million likes on TikTok.

Getting Krissed

The Kar-Jenner matriarch went viral this year and not for her typical content. Instead, the 2022 version of getting Rickrolled was coined “Getting Krissed.” Warning: “Lady Marmalade” will be stuck in your head if you fall down this rabbit hole again.

Little Miss/Little Mr.

Where were you when every social media feed was full of Little Miss/Mr. memes? I remember where I was. The nostalgic characters from the Roger Hargreaves series were given a sassy update with the meme format that took over summer 2022.

Adam Levine’s Sexts

Although Adam Levine’s cheating scandal will likely never be confirmed, it did give the internet some meme inspiration. His alleged texts (to people who aren’t his wife) showed us that even band members don’t always have game.

You As A Baby

To round out 2022, internet dwellers are loving this whimsical puppet that dances in nature. TikTok is a place of chaos, so people are showing these videos to their younger siblings to convince them it’s a video of them as a baby. Typical TikTok stuff.