How To Make The Most Of July's New Moon In Cancer

This new moon will aspect Uranus, which could shake things up!


The July 2021 new moon on July 9 is the first new moon of the summer, offering us a bright new beginning that aligns us with our emotions. This sweet lunar moment is a time to connect with the truth and open our hearts to fresh possibilities. Follow these new moon dos and don’ts.

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DO: Honor What's In Your Heart

This new moon takes place in water sign Cancer, which puts us in touch with our deepest feelings and sentimental values. Being introspective and honoring the intuitive nature of our hearts now will help us get clear on what we want to work toward.

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DON’T: Run From Your Feelings

New moons in astrology are about new beginnings, and this one in sensitive Cancer asks us to lead with our emotions. Press pause on your social life and work projects so you can fully focus on your feelings and avoid being distracted by outside drama.


DO: Set Intentions For Summer

This is the first new moon of the summer, so it's the perfect time to set some mystical intentions for the season ahead. Write down your goals and make them official by doing a new moon ritual that’ll get you in touch with your spiritual side.


DON'T: Stay Inside Your Comfort Zone

Cancer energy likes to play it safe, but this lunation also connects with unpredictable planet Uranus, which could shake up our plans and bring unexpected twists. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone — some changes can be a good thing!

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DO: Connect With Your Loved Ones

With the sun and moon aligning in the nurturing sign of Cancer, this lunation is a beautiful time to connect with family and close friends. Spending quality time with your inner circle will help put you in touch with yourself and stay grounded.

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DON'T: Be Stubborn In Love

Love planet Venus is squaring off with unpredictable Uranus alongside this new moon, which means we're in the process of navigating some unexpected obstacles when it comes to romance. Stay open-minded about relationships and allow your values to evolve.

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DO: Give Yourself Some TLC

The new moon in Cancer brings out the compassionate caretaker in all of us — and focusing some of that nurturing energy on ourselves is a must! Plan a quiet night in where you can be cozy and indulge in the things that make you feel most comfortable.