Nina is a lifestyle writer at Bustle, where she writes about all things astrology: moon rituals, horoscopes, retrograde drama, astrological forecasts, and beyond. She also covers stories about pets, travel, holidays, and other new age topics. She has been studying astrology independently for nearly 10 years and was initiated into a coven in 2016. After earning a bachelor's degree in English from UC Berkeley, she went on to work in PETA's youth campaigns department for nearly five years, where she wrote for numerous branches of their site. In addition to Bustle, her bylines and quotes have appeared on BUST, Blossom, PETA, and So Yummy. She is a regular contributor to several other blogs and zines. When she's not poking away at her laptop keyboard, you can usually find her perusing the occult section of the nearest bookstore, trying to pet every cat she sees, watching Z-list horror movies, spending her life savings at thrift stores and vegan restaurants, or blasting cassette tapes in her car. She hates social media, but documents her day-to-day dramas on Instagram and Twitter @rainbowgrams anyway.