3 New Moon Candle Rituals To Help Manifest Your Goals

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The upcoming March 2020 new moon, which fully blossoms in its epic darkness on March 24, is the season's promising and auspicious lunar event. If you've got big goals to set for the near-future, major projects you're hoping to launch, or just back-burner ideas that are yearning to finally take the front seat, now's the time to focus — because despite all the chaos taking place in the world, this luminary could be one of the best manifestations moments of the year.

The new moon will be taking place in Aries season, so it's only appropriate to theme your ritual magic to the sign's element itself: fire. Using candle rituals for the March 2020 new moon is the perfect way to connect with the current lunar and solar energy. Plus, fire equals passion, so allow these methods of connecting with your spiritual self symbolize the passion you have for your upcoming endeavors.

No matter what ritual you choose, you should always work your magic in a sacred space — whether that's the elaborate space in front of your well-kept home altar, or just a freshly-saged corner of your bedroom. Cleansing your workspace and designating a time, place, and energy that's special for your ritual sets that moment apart from the rest of your day. It can help you focus on your goals, connect with your higher self, and overall feel more magical.

Check out these three simple candle rituals for the Aries new moon that are perfect for helping you focus on launching your goals into a new, magical reality — especially if you're going to be spending more time flying solo at home due to social distancing anyway.

Clear Your Path Ritual


The public health crisis we're all facing has definitely had the potential to kill our vibe. But Aries season also brings a sign change for tough-love planet Saturn — which reminds us that we can get through if we're willing to work through the obstacles. Saturn wants us to succeed, we just need to be ready to work through our crap to get what we want. This super simple obstacle-removing spell is the perfect way to help you work through whatever's in between you and your goals, and it's based on a ritual created by Ember Grant for Llewellyn's Spell A Day.

What you'll need: A yellow or gold candle; eucalyptus incense or essential oil.

What to do: Begin your ritual by lighting your eucalyptus incense or diffusing/burning its oil as an offering as you embark on this magical work. Eucalyptus is a fantastic tool for clearing pathways — just as eucalyptus oil can clear a stuffy nose and help you breathe easier, it can also help clear spiritual debris so you can move forward on your path.

Next, light your yellow or gold candle and meditate on the candle's flame, allowing yourself to connect with the cardinal fire energy of Aries season and the current placement of the new moon in Aries. Call upon Aries trailblazing, determined, headstrong spirit as you consider the goals you're setting for this luminary. Visualize yourself accomplishing each goal, and imagine what it will feel like when you've achieved what you're currently setting out to. Take note of any apprehensions, worries, or potential situations that are in your way. These are your roadblocks.

Once you've finished your visualization, gather your roadblocks in your mind and speak the following chant aloud, as instructed by Llewellyn: "Clear the path, pave the way. Nothing keeps success at bay." Repeat this mantra eight times.

Allow your candle to burn out safely, and meditate on its flame for as long as you'd like.

Aries New Moon Manifestation Ritual


This moon has potential to be a manifestation goldmine, so let's amp things up with a candle ritual. Forever Conscious put together a gorgeous ritual for an Aries new moon, and that's what the following spell is based upon. Check out their ritual or try the altered version below.

What you'll need: 1 black candle; 1 white candle; a bowl of water; 14 strips of paper or notecards and a pen; smudging stick of choice (e.g. sage, palo santo, or any other cleansing herb bundle).

What to do: Begin the ritual by intentionally and slowly cleansing yourself, your work space, and all of your magical tools using your smudging stick of choice. Move through each item and area one by one, imagining any lingering energy being washed away.

Once you're finished, lay your tools out in front of you (on your altar, if you have one), placing the black candle and the white candle directly next to the bowl of water, one on each side. Allow yourself to meditate for 5-10 minutes to connect with your tools and get you into a more spiritual head space.

Now light the black candle. This candle symbolizes the things you are releasing and banishing from your life in order to make room for the wonderful new things you're inviting into your life under the new moon. Grab six strips of paper or note cards and on each, write out one of the following statements, which were written by Forever Conscious. Fill in the blanks with your personal thoughts and feelings.

  • I am letting go of…… because it no longer serves my highest good.
  • The old me constantly does/says this……but it’s time for me to let it go.
  • My ego likes me to feel…….but tonight my heart says there is another way.
  • My fears keep me held back from……..but tonight I lean into this and know I have the courage and strength to make it happen.
  • I really want…….but tonight I let this go to allow what needs to come my way.
  • I am really struggling right now with……but tonight I give this struggle to the Universe and know that it’s all going to be OK.

Now read aloud the sentence on the first strip of paper, and set it ablaze using the flame of the black candle. As instructed by Forever Conscious, "burn the paper into the candle flame as a way of releasing, letting go, and surrendering your wish to the Universe." Carefully hold the piece of paper with your intention as it burns over the bowl of water, and gently drop it into the water to be extinguished once the flame moves closer to your hand or gets larger. Repeat the same process for each of your six intentions. When finished, thank the universe and snuff the candle out.

It's time to move onto manifesting the energy you'd like to bring into your life. Light the white candle next to the bowl of water, which symbolizes a clean slate and a fresh, new start. Take the remaining eight strips of paper or note cards and on each, write one of the following statements, which were written by Forever Conscious. Again, fill in the blanks with your own intuitive thoughts, feelings, and goals.

  • Allow me to be guided to bring more…….into my life
  • Guide me to listen to my intuition more, especially when faced with………
  • I know…….is part of my soul path and I want to trust this more
  • I give gratitude for…..and……and….
  • I will look after myself by….
  • I trust the experience of……was sent to help me grow and I ask to be shown the way through
  • The new me is going to…….
  • I am…..

Repeat the same process with each strip of paper that you did above — except this time, burn each piece of paper using the flame of the white candle after reading the statement aloud. When finished, thank the universe for accepting your intentions. You'll want to allow the white candle to burn out safely (or alternately, you could snuff it out and re-light it whenever you can over the days surrounding the new moon).

Do some deep breaths and meditate to close the ritual. You can bury the water and burnt paper in the earth as a symbolic gesture.

Aries Energy Meditation Ritual


The following ritual is based on a beautiful Aries moon spell written by astrologer Dana Gerhardt for Mooncircles, which was designed specifically to be used during a new moon in this sign. The below iteration of the ritual incorporates candle magic, and utilizes a bright red candle to symbolize Aries' passionate, trailblazing, Mars-ruled energy. Connect with the element of the season under this fiery new moon.

What you'll need: One red candle; a piece of paper, and a pen.

Begin the ritual by cleansing your space in whatever way you see fit, and then light your red candle. As the flame flickers, allow your mind to clear. Pay attention to any thoughts that pop into your consciousness, and then send them away. "Notice the thoughts and feelings leaving the temple — your judgments, your distracted mind, your worried heart," explained Gerhardt on Mooncircles. "Give each a smile and a piece of cake as it departs." I absolutely love the concept of envisioning a smile and an offering of cake to each "negative" thought.

Next, you'll want to visualize a spiritual circle forming around you and your candle's flame. The circle is made of beautiful, springtime flowers. Aries is incredibly strong and courageous, yet it's also the sign that heralds in the delicate beauty of the spring season. Embrace this gentle strength as you envision the circle of flowers blooming around you.

Once you feel strong in your floral circle of protection, say the following Aries-themed affirmations aloud as you gaze at the red candle's flame. Feel yourself absorbing the fiery, vital, passionate energy of the flame as you speak the affirmations aloud. You may repeat each affirmation several times to really feel it in your body, if you'd like. These were also written by Gerhardt on Mooncircles.

  • My inner radiance shines out for all to see.
  • I’m courageous enough to feel my fear.
  • My life is a grand adventure.
  • I blaze new trails in my work.
  • I’m confident the world needs what I have.
  • I’m loaded with energy, vitality, and enthusiasm.

Once you've spoken the affirmations aloud, you may close your ritual with a brief meditation. "Now ask your heart if it has a closing message for you," wrote Gerhardt on Mooncircles. "This may come in words or as a picture, perhaps as a body sensation or sound. Give yourself time to receive this message." Allow yourself to quiet your mind and allow space for whatever messages need to come through. Gaze at the flame, and allow it to show you any images or energies that you may need at this time. Write down any thoughts, feelings, or sensations that you experience.


Whether you're a well-seasoned witch or just a part-time astrology fan with a little extra time on your hands thanks to social distancing, aligning with the fiery energy of this Aries new moon with some simple candle magic is grounding and energizing — and it can help you feel more in tune with both the Earth and yourself amidst really uncertain times. If you want more mystical arts to dabble in through Aries season, play around with using crystal healing for stress relief, or try working with crystals for spring equinox to ring in the season with style.