How To Prepare For The Final Mercury Retrograde Of 2020

The chaos starts next week.

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Mercury retrogrades happen about three times per year, for about three weeks at a time — and during these periods, we experience mix-ups and slow-downs when it comes to communicating, thinking, timing, technology, and transportation. Here are some simple survival tips.

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Perhaps the biggest source of drama during Mercury retrograde comes down to simple miscommunications. Re-read texts and emails before sending, think before speaking, and be clear about dates and times to avoid things being misinterpreted.

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If you're pursuing a new job or considering any big purchases, wait until after the retrograde ends to finalize your plans. We're more likely to overlook important details or misunderstand the terms of a contract, so postpone signing anything binding if you can.

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Mercury is the planet of timing and scheduling, so expect your calendar to feel chaotic. Confirm all your time zones and Zoom links before meetings to avoid confusion, and give yourself extra buffer time between plans in case you hit traffic or run late on another call.

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This transit can affect your love life, too. Beware of exes popping up in your DMs, asking for a second chance. If you're in a relationship, prepare for hidden resentments to come to the surface. And if you're single, know that flings that start now may not be built to last.

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Technological troubles are notorious during Mercury retrograde, so back up your files before it hits in case you run into some of your own. Tech devices tend to get glitchy now, so be patient if your laptop is running slow or apps are being buggy.

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Mercury retrogrades are annoying, but if you take some simple precautions, you can get through it mostly unscathed. Embrace the slow down, and use this time to review your current trajectory and make adjustments to your future plans.