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The Summer Trend To Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hey boo, what’s your sign?

dua lipa wears denim bra and matching pants

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According to Astrologer Larry Easley, Venus and Jupiter will be playing a big factor in summer ‘22 trends. Think: “bright, bold colors...towering platform shoes” — lots of impression-making trends. Ahead, find the best trend based on your sign.

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Pisces: Lingerie Details

Pisces will feel their most free in something lightweight and airy. This is the perfect time for underwear as outwear, as seen by Rihanna in true Pisces aesthetic.
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Aries: Liquid Metallics

Try bold statements, like this metallic look from fellow ram Hayley Kiyoko. According to Easley, Jupiter will be in Aries all summer, which will be all about freedom and taking action.
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Taurus: Electric Hues

Easley says shocking colors, like neons and Valentino pink, will be a go-to for summer. Taurus babes should wear unique silhouettes that elevate these trendy colors even more.
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Gemini: Sheer

Venus, the planet of beauty, “will move through Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo during summer 2022. People with these placements in their chart might feel inspired to experiment with fashion,” says Easley.
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Cancer: Whimsical Knits

Cancers stay in their feelings, so comfort is key. That, combined with the experimental Venus placement, is a case for statement crochet.
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Leo: Bras As Tops

Leos treat the world as their runway. This summer reach for the most attention-grabbing trend of all, as seen on fellow lioness Dua Lipa.
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Virgo: Bodycon Maxis

Practicality doesn’t negate style, Virgo. This summer, elevate the classics like Zendaya in a simple, comfortable maxi that stuns.
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Libra: Fiery Pink

One of Libra’s planetary rulers is Venus, so pink is a go-to shade. Easley says: “Venus wants us to be loud and proud in our style.”
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Scorpio: Body Harness

Scorpio can channel their badass attitude with this pop-punk accessory. Layer it over playful prints and textures, like leopard print.
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Sagittarius: Exposed Thong

Fire sign Sagittarius will be doing a lot of dopamine dressing — ie: dressing depending on their mood. Teyana Taylor loves an exposed thong, the fieriest trend of all.
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Aquarius: Mixed Textures

Aquarius likes to mix and match, like Alicia Keys did with this layered, textured look.
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Capricorn: Bandannas

Calm and comfort is a go-to for Capricorns, but because “Venus will be in her morning star phase — expressive, sensual, and wants to be seen and heard,” this is a time to blend comfort and style.

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