7 Beginner Calisthenics Workout Ideas

It's like grown-up gym class.

Beginner calisthenics workout ideas, straight from fitness trainers.
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Remember the jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups from gym class? Those are calisthenics, a workout category that requires zero equipment to do, says trainer Heather Lachance. Here, 7 beginner calisthenics workouts you can do anytime, anywhere.


Gym 101

Trainer Jesse Feder says this workout features the most well-known calisthenic moves. “They’re easy to learn and not too taxing on the body,” he adds.

- 10 kneeling push-ups.

- 10 pull-ups.

- 10 sit-ups.

- 10 air squats.

- Do 3 rounds.



Keep things simple with this routine from trainer Heather Carroll.

- Jumping jacks, 45 seconds.

- Wall sit, 45 seconds.

- Squat to calf raises, 45 seconds.

- Tricep dips on floor or chair, 45 seconds.

- Lunges. Step forward, to side, then back, 45 seconds.

- Repeat 2x.


Cardio Circuit

Trainer Kate Meier suggests adding burpees to get your heart rate up.

- Push-ups, 8 reps.

- Forward lunges, 8 reps per leg.

- Jump squats, 10 reps.

- Burpees, 20 reps.

- Repeat the circuit 3 times.



Trainer Amanda Katz, CPT loves this circuit for working the legs, arms, shoulders, and core.

- Reverse lunge to knee-drive, 8 reps per leg.

- Plank walkout to push-up, 10 reps.

- Narrow squat to sumo squat, 10 reps.

- Side plank, hold 30 seconds per side.

- Repeat 1-4x.



Target your abs and arms with this low-impact workout from trainer Rob Wagener.

- Straight leg raises. Lie on your back, lift and lower legs slowly, 15 reps.

- Hip dips. In a side plank, raise and lower hips 5 times on each side.

- Kneeling push-ups, 20 reps.


Tabata Style

Turn calisthenics into a Tabata style sesh to hit all the major muscle groups, says trainer Hannah Daugherty.

- Squats, 20 secs.

- Mountain climbers, 20 secs.

- Bicycle crunches, 20 secs.

- Walking lunges, 20 secs.

- Froggers, 20 secs.

- Scissor kicks, 20 secs.


Quickie Routine

Exercise physiologist Sheila Simmons says to stretch after your calisthenic workout.

- Wall push-ups, 15 reps.

- Torso twists. Bring opposite elbow to knee, 15 reps.

- Crunches, 15 reps.

- Lateral step-ups, 15 reps.

- Superman arm sweeps, 15 reps.

- Repeat 2x.

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