Trainers Share The 7 Best Stretches For Lower Back Pain

Your body will thank you.

7 stretches for your lower back that'll give you serious relief.
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Got back aches? Try working through some of the best stretches for lower back pain. Pro tip: “Spend roughly 30 seconds in each stretch, and stop gripping or tensing away from the discomfort,” says Helen Phelan, a Pilates instructor. Make sure you’re breathing deeply, too.

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Cobra Pose

“Lie flat on the stomach,” says Weilin Wu, a NASM-certified personal trainer at Blink Fitness. “Plant your palms and engage your legs and stomach by pressing your hips down. Tilt your head back.” You’ll open up your chest and core, bringing relief to your low back.

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Lying Lumbar Rotation

Fun fact: Opening your hips and glutes helps with low back pain, says Austin Martinez, a trainer and director of education for StretchLab. “Lie on your back, then rotate your hips so your right knee moves to the outside of your left hip,” he says.

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Frog Stretch

This pose will relax your back by opening your hips and inner thighs. “Start on the ground with both knees bent,” Martinez says. "Place your arms ahead of you and lean your upper body forward. Slowly spread your knees outward, dropping your hips toward the ground.”

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Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

This gets deep into your hips to release low back tension. “Start in a kneeling position with your right knee in front,” Martinez says. “Take a deep inhale and focus on squeezing/activating your right glute while you slightly lean your hips forward.”

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Low Lunge

Phelan suggests this move to stretch your hip flexors, which will bring relief to your lower back. Step one foot in front of you and sink into a lunge with your knee tracking over your front foot. Bring your back knee close to the ground and lean forward into your hips.

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Side Bend Stretches

Give your entire side some relief with this one. “Reach the right arm up and bend towards the left, trying to keep your right hip pressing down,” Phelan advises. “You can use the floor to maintain your alignment by pressing the right butt into the floor.”

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Pigeon Pose

“Place your front knee directly in line with your hip,” Wu says. “Extend your back foot straight out and back. Send your tailbone back, move your chest forward, and find a comfortable position for your arms to rest.” This will help your hips soothe your low back.

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