11 Women Share How They’ll Be Observing The Anniversary Of Lockdown

A whole year of pandemic has flown by.

by JR Thorpe
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It's been a whole year since COVID-19 first triggered mass lockdowns, and a massive change in life as we knew it. As the anniversary comes, people are reporting different emotions: anxiety, apathy, anger, maybe a sense of pride that they've come this far.

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With 12 months down and vaccines on the way, 11 women tell Bustle how they'll be marking the anniversary of COVID lockdowns.

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"As a kid, delicious desserts helped me through some of the toughest moments. I’m incredibly thankful to be alive. I’m buying a birthday cake that says: #NotTodayCovid. You will not steal my joy!"

Cindy, 32

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"I'll probably commemorate my one year quaran-versary with a good cry. This year has changed all of our lives in unimaginable ways. I lived in NYC, and just thinking about those first few weeks makes me well up."

Alyssa, 28

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"To mark one year of COVID I'm doing a burning ritual, writing down all the things I'm angry and sad about. While it burns, I'll repeat the mantra, 'I let go of these emotions that are no longer serving me'."

Cat, 35

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"I will be marking the 12 months of COVID with an alcoholic drink in March. Any drink but Corona beer, of course."

Talyah, 22

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"I bought myself a new pair of roller skates to remind myself that I can create joy in everyday moments, that I have the courage and strength to pick myself up after I fall."

Evey, 38

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"It has not been an easy year. To mark the 12-month point since COVID first arrived, I'll be doing a meditation and following it up by relaxing and playing a crystal sound bowl."

Casey, 31

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"It's been... a lot. I moved out by myself, for one thing. One year later, I'm celebrating by renewing my lease for another year! It's taught me a lot to live alone, and even more that I did it during a pandemic."

Tori, 24

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"I used to get together with friends for dinner and a movie every other week, so we are all ordering takeout from our favorite restaurant and eating it together on Zoom, then watching a movie."

Alexandra, 36

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"As a small business owner, I plan on marking the anniversary by simply opening up my store for business. There have been so many ups and downs over the past year; it’s safe to say, on that day, my tears will be happy ones."

Joey, 35

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"As a travel blogger the last year has been rough. But I celebrated in style with a champagne picnic in the park, because adventures can also be found at home if you look for them."

Cat, 33

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"I'm having a lockdown retreat. I will also be cooking myself a good meal, and thinking about the good things that happened in the last 12 months. I'll end my evening with a yoga session with my cat who always joins me on my mat."

Resi, 25

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