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11 Spooky Dates Inspired By Halloween Movies

It's time to go ghost hunting.

If you whole-heartedly agree that the best time of year is upon us, then you'll want to start planning some spooky dates inspired by Halloween movies, in order to properly celebrate the season with your partner. From creepy mazes to haunted houses, read on... if you dare.

Go To A Corn Maze

If you'd like to run terrified from masked creatures, like pretty much everyone does in Scream, find a haunted corn maze near you, and spend a scary night outside.

Create A Haunted House

If you'd prefer to stay in, bring those creepy vibes home by decorating your place in the style of The Addams Family mansion. Decorate with bats, cobwebs, and plenty of drippy candles.

Discuss The Zombie Apocalypse

If you've ever seen a zombie movie, like Night of the Living Dead, then you know people tend to be woefully underprepared for the apocalypse. So make a date out of coming up with fun, hypothetical plans, like how you'd board up the house.

Do "The Time Warp"

Get dressed up and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or see if there's a Zoom viewing of it. This year does mark the movie's 45th anniversary, after all!

Look For Ghosts

Get inspired by Ghostbusters and give ghost hunting a try in your building, or around your city. Visit supposedly haunted locations, look for orbs by taking flash photos, and see what you can see!

Make Spooky Snacks

Recreate the eerie 1950s vibes in Edward Scissorhands by spending the night making spooky Jell-O molds. Add candy worms and eyeballs, or shape it into a brain — whatever strikes your fancy.

Have A Costume Contest

Inspired by Halloween, dig through what you already have at home, and come up with makeshift costumes, like this classic sheet and glasses combo. Turn it into a contest.

Tell Ghost Stories

What's better than the 1982 movie Poltergeist? If you're a fan, curl up under a blanket and tell each other ghost stories all night. Try to fit in the line, "They're heeere."

Use A Ouija Board

Remember when the ouija board caught on fire in Paranormal Activity? Hopefully that won't happen to you and your partner as you ask unnerving questions in your living room, like "Did anyone die in here?"

Carve Pumpkins

Inspired by the cult classic Sleepy Hollow, sit outside on a blustery night and carve pumpkins. To up the Halloween factor, try to make them actually scary.

Watch A Movie

Look up the scariest horror movies ever made, and hold hands while watching one together in the dark. Or create a list of your favorites — like The Witches, Scary Movie, Hocus Pocus, and Casper — and view one a night till Halloween.