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13 Fall Date Ideas Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows

'Tis the season for lattes and football.

Searching for a way to celebrate the season? Look no further than these fall date ideas inspired by your favorite TV shows. The time for all things pumpkin is upon us, so get cozy, get spooky, and grab your SO for a perfect Autumn eve.

Practice Latte Art

The latte art scene in Love, Victor is ridiculously date-worthy. To recreate it, find a milk frother, then look up a few YouTube tutorials. Before you know it, you'll both be making designs that look exactly like meatballs.

Play Football

Remember the episode of Friends where they play touch football? Let it inspire you to don your best 90s workout gear (aka, sweatpants with elasticized ankles) and toss a ball around with your partner. (Just make sure neither of you takes it too seriously.)

Bake A Pie

Imagine that: a show about baking inspiring you to... bake? Genius! Put on any episode of The Great British Baking Show while you make pumpkin bread, cardamom spice cookies, and apple pies — hopefully without soggy bottoms.

Stroll Around With Coffee In Hand

As you know, Gilmore Girls is chock full of caffeine-related jokes. So turn that vibe into a date by — you guessed it! — getting coffee. To make it extra special, go to a family-owned cafe, and then stroll around making witty conversation.

Throw A Halloween "Party"

Create a Halloween party at home, inspired by pretty much every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Decorate with spooky spiderwebs and lights, consume large amounts of candy corn, and spend the evening watching scary movies.

Make Thanksgiving Dinner

Inspired by Fresh Off The Boat, choose a few Thanksgiving recipes to make (twice-baked acorn squash, anyone?) and spend your date slicing and dicing. At best, you'll end up with an amazing meal. At worst, you'll bond over burning the Brussels sprouts.

Ride Bikes Through The Fields

Hop on a bike and ride through the fields (or around your park) like Marianne and Connell in Normal People. It's the perfect thing to do on a sunny, fall day.

Stay Home & Make Out

You probably don't need this suggestion, but just in case, remember that nothing beats staying home and making out, like Rosalind and Harvey in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — especially when it's cold outside.

Create Your Own "Harvest Festival"

While the harvest festival in Parks and Recreation featured a corn maze, merry-go-round, and pony, yours could include apple cider, pumpkin carving, and baking — all cozy things you can do from home.

Watch Scary Movies

Inspired by your love of Vampire Diaries, as well as video chats (since you might not be able to hang out in person, right now) why not set a date to call each other and watch horror movies? It'll be extra scary since you'll both technically be alone.

Go To Central Park

If you love Gossip Girl, and live in the NYC area, take a (socially distanced) walk through Central Park to celebrate all things fall. If you don't live in NYC, simply go to your town's most beautiful spot, and spend the day.

Make Candles

You know how Jan from The Office has a candle-making business? (Of course you do.) Well, nothing screams "fall date" quite like melting wax together. When you're done, light them for a cozy atmosphere, and commence making out.

Have A Wine Tasting

You can make it competitive wine tasting, like in Community, or just casually sip on various brands from your local Trader Joe's. Choose bottles based on region, year — or which one has the coolest label. And cheers to a really great date.

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