9 Arm-Strengthening Kettlebell Workouts

Upgrade your upper body routine.

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When you want to really work the upper body, pick up a kettlebell. They have an offset center of gravity that engages multiple muscles at once while also improving your grip strength, says Teddy Savage of Planet Fitness. Here, 9 kettlebell arm workouts that bring the burn.

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Double Hitter

Savage likes this combo to hit biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

- Svend press. Hold bell firmly in both hands, push out away from chest.

- Overhead press. Bring bell back to chest, then press overhead, 10x.

Do 3 sets.

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Tricep Work

Trainer Alayna Curry says these work the shoulders and triceps.

- Isolated narrow row. In runner’s lunge, hold bell at side, pull up to waist, 12x.

- Posterior tricep lift. Feet apart, bell behind you. Lift a few inches off back, lower, 15x.

Do 3 sets.

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Biceps & Triceps

Try these moves from trainer Joey Thurman.

- Bicep curls. Slowly do 5 to 25 reps.

- Tricep extensions. Hold bell by handle, lift overhead. Bend elbow so weight drops behind head. Squeeze triceps to drive bell back up, 5 to 25.

Do 2 to 5 sets per sides.


Quickie Sesh

Trainer Stuart Wade loves this circuit.

- Double bent-over row. Pull two bells to armpits, 10x.

- Floor press. Lie down, legs bent. Push bells over chest, 10x.

- Push press. Bell in each hand in front of shoulders. Bend knees, push bells overhead, 10x.

Repeat 3x.


Simple Circuit

From Stephanie Wilberding.

- Tall kneeling overhead press. Press bell up, 8x.

- Goblet squat + bicep curl. Hold bell at chest, squat, do curl, 8x.

- Closed grip floor press. Lie down, legs out. Bell at chest, press up. Return to chest, 8x.

Repeat 3x.

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Trainer Emily Skye says these work the biceps and the back.

- Bird dog rows. Lean on bench, extend right leg back, use right arm to steady. Core tight, left arm rows bell in, 40 seconds. Repeat on both sides.

- Lying kettlebell press, 40 secs.

Rest 1 min., do 3 sets.



TJ Mentus suggests these for the triceps.

- Single-arm clean, 10x. Pull bell from ground to shoulder in one movement.

- Single-arm thrusters, 10x. Bell on shoulder, squat, explode up, push bell overhead.

- Single-arm rows, 10x.

- Single-arm overhead press, 10x.

Do 4x.


Arm Day

Try these moves from trainer Omar Foster for arm work.

- Halos. Circle the kettlebell around your head, 5x each way.

- Upright row. Stand, pull bell by handles to chin. Lower to hips, repeat 10x.

Repeat 3 sets.


Arm Challenge

Next, try these moves from Foster.

- Kettlebell snatches, repeat 10x.

- Skull crushers. Lie on back, lower bell back to floor behind head, 15x.

Do 3 sets.