9 Kettlebell Workouts For Beginners

Get into the swing of things.

9 kettlebell workouts for beginners, straight from fitness pros.
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Using a kettlebell for the first time can be tricky. They’re heavier than they look and are often difficult to maneuver (compared to dumbbells, at least) — but they’re helpful for training multiple muscle groups at once. Get started with these kettlebell workouts for beginners.

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Jordan Duncan’s Beginner Moves

- Goblet squat: Hold kettlebell close to chest in both hands with handle down. Squat, touch elbows to thighs.

- Deadlift: With bell between ankles, hinge at hip & reach down — torso will be at 45-degrees. Grab bell by handle, raise up.

Do 15 each.

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Coach Shelby’s Full-Body Workout

Do each set 3x.

- Press kettlebell above head with core engaged, 8x.

- Goblet squats, 10x.

- Hold kettlebell at side, lunge 8x per leg.

- Rows. Lean forward, pull bell to chest, 8x.

- Bridge thrusts with bell on lap. Engage glutes, 12x.

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Trainer Renee Peel’s Beginner Sequence

- Deadlifts, 8x.

- Cleans: Use deadlift pattern to move bell from ground to “racked” position on chest, 8x.

- Squat, holding bell to chest, 8x.

- Push press: Use power of legs to get bell over head, 8x.

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Trainer Chris Lee’s Full-Body Circuit

Start with a kettlebell that’s 6-8 lbs.

- Goblet squats.

- Curtsy lunge with a bicep curl.

- Squat plus shoulder press.

Do each move for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.

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Kettlebell Swing Series

Keep it simple: Dr. Alex Tauberg recommends doing kettlebell swings, which count as strength and cardio.

- Grab the bell with both hands between your legs.

- Bend hips, lower bell down, then quickly extend hips to thrust it forward.

- Do 3 sets of 10.

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WRKOUT Trainer Lesley Wu’s Compound Move

Try this full-body exercise:

- Firmly grip kettlebell, raise it above your head & lock arm so that elbow is stacked above your shoulder.

- Do a split squat slowly with control.

- Repeat on other side. Do as many reps as you can.

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From Trainer Jessica Mazzucco

- Kettlebell swings: 2 sets of 10 to work the glutes, hips, quads, hamstrings

- Lunges: w/ feet together, hold bell in right hand by shoulder, palm facing in.

- Step back to lunge as you engage core.

- Repeat on other side, 2 sets 10 reps.

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Trainer Carl Jeffer’s Routine

Do 10 reps each to target quads, hamstrings, lats, and core.

- Squats: Hold bell at chest.

- Overhead press: Hold with one hand, twist wrist so bell faces in, push arm up.

- Swings.

- Rows: Hinge forward, pull bell to chest one arm at a time.

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Rumble Trainer Rob Sulaver’s Upper Body Strength

- Cheat cleans.

- Single-arm swings.

- Two arm swings (standard kettlebell swings).

Sulaver recommends focusing on form and doing timed sets rather than setting a specific number of reps.

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Trainer TJ Mentus’ Circuit

- Lunges: With kettlebells at shoulders, step back into lunge, 10x per leg.

- Squats: With bells at shoulders, squat 12x to work core & glutes.

- Swings: 15x for cardio.

- Farmer’s carries: Hold two bells at sides, walk 100 ft. to work traps & forearms.

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