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Here’s Why You See So Many People Tweeting #LoveIsNotTourism

The hashtag is trying to bring international couples back together.

For the couples separated by the pandemic, quarantine has meant not being able to see each other — and not knowing when that will change due to travel restrictions.
The Love Is Not Tourism movement is trending on Twitter to raise awareness for these binational couples, with the goal that countries will amend their travel regulations and allow them to reunite.
While so many national borders are closed right now due to COVID-19, and travel restrictions remain in place for the time being, Love Is Not Tourism is pointing out the difference between taking a vacation, and reuniting with a loved one.
The hashtag argues that partners needs to see each other, or at least know when that might happen, for the sake of their well-being. The group is asking fellow international couples to spread the word, and reach out to leaders.
Binational couples who want to be reunited are saying they're willing to follow all safety regulations, which include health checks upon arrival in a new country, and quarantining until they receive a negative COVID-19 test — or until a specified number of days have passed.
Many countries have already allowed binational couples to meet, including Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, France, and Finland.
To support the movement, you can use the hashtags #LoveIsNotTourism and #LoveIsEssential to help spread the word on social media. "Most people do not know about this problem or how many people it actually affects," their site says. "There are more international long distance couples than you might think. Let people see it!"
There are also Facebook groups for couples and supporters to join, and many other websites offering more information. These sites detail ways to contact government officials, and offer petitions to sign.
Check out the Love Is Not Tourism website to get even more info about the cause, including a list of specific travel bans by country, and help bring couples back together.