Every Lip-Sync Assassin RuPaul Brought Back To Drag Race For All Stars

“The time has come for you to lip-sync for your legacy. Good luck and don't f*ck it up.”


1. Silky Nutmeg Ganache

While All Stars 6 contestant Silky Nutmeg Ganache wasn’t brought back as an official assassin, she solidified her spot as one in the future during the first-ever “Rudemption Lip-Sync Smackdown” episode. Eliminated queens, including Silky, battled each other in one-on-one lip-syncs for the chance to re-enter the competition. Silky went on to win seven lip-syncs in a row in one episode, with her “Barbie Girl” lip-sync becoming an instant classic.


2. Kameron Michaels

“Tonight on the runway, I’m serving royalty,” Season 10 assassin Kameron Michaels said on Instagram after winning this “Boom Clap” lip-sync against Ra’Jah O’Hara on All Stars 6. She memorably won four lip-syncs in a row on her original season to save herself from elimination and make it all the way to the finale.

Shaun Vadella for Kameron Michaels/@vadellaphoto/Instagram


3. Heidi N Closet

Every time Heidi N Closet returns to Drag Race, her fashion levels up. Heidi came to AS6 with a multi-layered velvet look, flips, tricks, and splits for this lip-sync to Sheena Easton’s “Sugar Walls.” Ginger Minj managed to take the win, but Heidi put up a fight.

4. Alexis Mateo

Bam! Alexis Mateo was back on the main stage for a lip-sync to J.Lo’s “Dance Again” on All Stars 6. Her frills-to-glitter reveal was the perfect complement to the song and, with a little assist from competitor Trinity K. Bonet’s wig malfunction, she danced her way to victory. Sickening, yes?


5. Manila Luzon

Manila Luzon was prematurely booted from her All Stars season, so it was nice to see she came back to serve a lip-sync to “Dirrty” by Chistina Aguilera on AS6. Kylie Sonique was born for a Xtina lip-sync though and won. “Proud to be assassinated in the fiercest way,” Manila wrote on Instagram afterward.

Alexander Fost for Manila Luzon/@alexanderfost/Instagram


6. Mayhem Miller

Mayhem Miller delivered a fun and goofy lip-sync to Lizzo’s “Phone,” showing up dripping in purple velvet and voguing the house down. While Ginger Minj went full comedy and took the win, Mayhem still brought the eye candy.

7. Jessica Wild

Season 2’s Jessica Wild came ready with hairography in this All Stars 6 lip-sync to Britney Spears “Womanizer.” Wild won the lip-sync against Jan, proving that she is still a performer to be reckoned with and that she knows how to glue down a wig. Her win was bittersweet after sending home bestie Yara Sofia.


8. Brooke Lynne Hytes

Brooke Lynne Hytes, a Season 11 finalist and Drag Race Canada host, is not who a queen wants to see behind the “ruveal yourself” curtain. Ra’Jah O’Hara was unfazed during this lip-sync “Miss You Much” by Janet Jackson, tying it up and collecting her $20,000 tip.


9. Coco Montrese

Coco Montrese, a longtime lip-sync assassin, kicked off the All Stars 6 season by showing up in full glitterati glamour. As per usual, she gave the lip-sync to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars everything and ultimately won against Yara Sofia.


10. Laganja Estranja

Ok All Stars, let’s get sickening! Laganja Estranja came to the All Stars stage to deliver a legendary lip-sync to Dua Lipa’s “Physical.” Trinity K Bonet (also a lip-sync assassin) did her best, but there was no stopping the green queen Laganja from seizing her moment.


11. Kennedy Davenport

Kennedy Davenport was pageant personified during this lip-sync to “Fancy” by Reba McEntire. Kennedy. But while always a delight on the main stage, Kennedy lost the lip-sync to a win-hungry Miz Cracker. Kennedy, however, did bring the perfect big hair for the country track, and nobody can take that from her.


12. Roxxxy Andrews

Roxxxy Andrews had one of the best outfit reveals in Drag Race herstory during this lip-sync to Ariana Grande’s “One Last Time.” By the time Roxxxy dropped her feathered boa to reveal the “THICK & JUICY” strap underneath, the judges seemed to have forgotten competitor Miz Cracker was even on the stage. Iconic!


13. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

Miss Vaaaaanjie returned to Drag Race as a lip-sync assassin, taking on Shea Coulee to “Open Your Heart” by Madonna. Vanjie discovered Shea was a lip-sync assassin in her own right on All Stars 5 and lost, but both queens brought an electric energy.


14. Morgan McMichaels

Morgan McMichaels returned to the Drag Race stage to lip-sync to “Where Have You Been” by Rihanna. Her ice queen outfit matched competitor Miz Cracker’s, and her cape-ography and comical moments helped her secure a tie in this battle.


15. Monet X Change

Monet X Change is NOT the queen anyone wants to see ruveal themselves on All Stars. She’s delivered some of the most high-energy performances in the past, and this AS5 lip-sync to Lizzo’s “Juice” was no exception. Monet showed up in a gorge “dreamsicle” velvet leotard to kick and twirl her way to a win against fan-favorite Jujubee.


16. Alyssa Edwards

Alyssa Edwards has given Drag Race fans some of the most memorable lip-syncs in the franchise’s herstory, so fans were thrilled when RuPaul brought the dancing diva back to compete against Shea Coulee to “Neutron Dance” by The Pointer Sisters. Shea ultimately snatched the win, but both queens put on a full show.


17. Yvie Oddly

Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly lip-synced against India Farrah to Ricky Martin’s classic “Livin’ La Vida Loca” on All Stars 5, stunning the judges with a tear-away psychedelic look and a quirky take on the classic dance hit. Yvie took the win after impressing everyone, including Martin, who was on the judges’ panel.