These Ellen Pompeo Quotes Are As Motivating As Meredith’s Monologues

Just some advice from the Grey's Anatomy star to live by.

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Ellen Pompeo dishes out motivational Mer monologues every Thursday on Grey’s Anatomy — but the actor has plenty to say beyond the show, too. Here are some of her most inspiring moments.

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Pompeo talked about the wage gap in 2018. “A guy wouldn’t have any problem asking for $600,000 an episode ... as women, we’re like, ‘Oh, can I ask for that? Is that OK?’” she told THR.

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“When your face and your voice have been part of something that’s generated $3 billion ... you start to feel like, ‘OK, maybe I do deserve a piece of this,’” she continued.

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In 2018, Pompeo discussed the need for diversity on-screen and off. “It’s up to all productions to make sure that your crew looks like the world we see,” she told NET-A-PORTER.

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The Grey’s star also called on white creatives to demand better. “As Caucasian people ... it’s our job, because we’ve created the problem,” she added.

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At a 2018 Elle event, Pompeo shared her advice for women in Hollywood. “Be confident and don’t take any sh*t ... [and] don’t be afraid to be a b*tch,” she told Variety.

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In 2016, Pompeo got real about growing up. “Aging is a gift that not everybody is given the privilege of,” she told ET. “The older [women] get, the more we’re capable of.”

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“The smarter we are, the more confident we are, and the more things we can juggle,” Pompeo continued. “You have to embrace aging. Embrace the good parts about it.”

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During her early Grey’s days, Pompeo talked about her role as a medical intern on the show, but what she said will ring true to anyone feeling a little lost in life or work:

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“There’s gotta be a first time for everything, so it’s OK that we don’t know what we’re doing,” she told ABC in 2005. “Because we’re not supposed to, really.”