The Do’s & Don’ts Of Capricorn Season

Welcome, grounded earth energy.

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Iron out your best blazer and break out that fresh new planner — Capricorn season has arrived. The sea-goat is lighting up our public lives as we head into workaholic Capricorn on Dec. 21. Come prepared with these do's and dont's.

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DO: Organize Your Life

With Capricorn season kicking things off with a new moon in its native sign on Jan. 2, it's a good time as any to do practical routine maintenance. Prep for the hard work you'll be doing this season by decluttering your folders and updating your calendars.

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DON’T: Be Overly Practical

Even if Cap is known for its emphasis on practicality, it's OK to aim high this season. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, enters Pisces on Dec. 28, adding credibility to our lofty goals, and asks us to take a little risk on our big dreams.

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DO: Put In The Work

'Tis the season to boss up. With Capricorn ruled by hard-working Saturn, you'll feel the urgency to be on your A-game this month. Take the boost of professional confidence from the loving sea-goat and check off that busy to-do list.

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DON’T: Burn Yourself Out

You'll feel the no-nonsense vibes of steady-as-she-goes Saturn this season, so it's important to set boundaries with work and give yourself time to play. Avoid burnout by being mindful about breaks and checking in on your mental health.

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DO: Think Big Picture

Mercury, the planet of all things technology and the mind, is moving into forward-thinking Aquarius this season, urging us to think about the intentions behind our goals. Details are important, but what is your master plan?

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DON’T: Get Lost In A Fantasy

The happy-go-lucky planet Jupiter will enter daydreaming Pisces on Dec. 28, lulling us into dreamland. However, it's probably not a good look to get distracted by following any fantastical idea that may arise this season and ground ourselves instead.

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DO: Take Your Time

We're taking things slow this season as Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, reminds us of the old adage, "slow and steady wins the race." Responsibilities and obligations may hit an all-time high, so be thorough in your work (yes, even those tedious tasks).

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