Everything You Need To Know About Surviving Your Saturn Return

Think of it as your cosmic induction into adulthood.


Your Saturn return in astrology hits between the ages of approximately 27-30, during which Saturn completes its first orbit around the sun, returning to the exact place in the zodiac it was when you were born. This powerful alignment can cause chaos and bring major life changes.


Prepare For Tough Life Lessons

Saturn is the planet of tough love, so prepare to learn some serious life lessons during your Saturn return.

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Be Willing To Embrace Changes

No matter how you slice it, your life will shift during the course of your Saturn return — so don't run from the impending changes. But astrologers note that along with the endings come new beginnings, so embrace a flexible attitude while navigating shifts in your life.

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Buckle Down On Your Responsibilities

Saturn rules responsibility and structure in astrology, so now's the time to get real about taking charge of your life, whether it's by getting your finances in order or addressing personal issues that are holding you back.

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Listen To Your Inner Voice

During your Saturn return, it's common to have doubts about your current relationship or career path, or feel stagnant and in need of change. According to astrologers, you'll be able to see what's working in your life (and what's not) with more clarity now.

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Commit To What You Love, Or Leave It Behind

Planet Saturn is all about commitment. If you've been hesitant to take on the weight of committing to something important, your Saturn return will likely make or break it.

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Confront The Past

When a Saturn return hits, it forces us to reckon with our pasts to make heavy decisions about our futures. This is a chance to patch up holes in the foundation of your life and break bad habits that'll pave the way for a more stable future.

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Step Into Your Power

In reference to Saturn return, astrologers say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" — so trust you can get through things, even if they're hard and scary. You'll come out the other side even more empowered and confident.

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