6 Reasons Saturn Return Is Actually Good For You, According To Astrologers

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While you're aware of most milestones that thrust you into adulthood, like graduating from college or turning 21, there's also a cosmic milestone that solidifies your status as a grown-ass human. Saturn return. If you've never heard of this, your Saturn return happens when the planet Saturn returns to the exact same spot in the zodiac it was in when you were born. This usually occurs right before you turn 30. And there's no reason to dread this milestone because Saturn return can be a good thing, according to astrologers.

"Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to complete one full orbit around the Sun and literally return to the same zodiac sign it was in when you were born," astrologers the Astro Twins explained on their website AstroStyle. "The first Saturn return, which can happen between ages 27 and 30, is a bit like a cosmic bar mitzvah, quinceanera, or communion if you will: a rite of passage welcoming you into your more mature role here on Earth."

You can easily calculate your Saturn return by using the Saturn return calculator on Aquarian Astrology. Most people will have three Saturn returns (one every 30 years), and each one helps them transition into the next phase of life. If you're approaching your first Saturn return, here are some of the good things you can expect.


You'll Learn To Take Care Of Your Own Needs

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If it hasn't happened yet, Saturn return will effectively kick you out of the proverbial nest and force you to take care of your own needs. Instead of seeking happiness and validation from external forces, you'll learn to rely on yourself. It won't be easy. It might be painful. But it's also necessary. This is the time when you'll find out what you're made of, what you really want and desire, and that you are indeed stronger than you think.

"As you hit the Saturn return, you’re about to leap off the cliff of childhood and [you'll] feel estranged from external support systems," the Saturn Sisters explained on their website. "Now you can’t be taken care of; you have to learn to fend for yourself and figure out what truly constitutes the ground below."


You Could Find Your Purpose

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If you've spent your 20s on autopilot, your Saturn return could have you behaving in a more deliberate manner. As you enter this next phase of your life, you're likely to pursue your passions and find your purpose. "Perhaps someone mentions something to you that resonates with your heart and you find yourself really pondering the direction of your life path," Astrologer Shereen Campbell wrote for If you're wandering aimlessly, use this time to do some serious soul searching.


You'll Learn To Trust Your Gut

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Have you every had a nagging feeling that something just isn't right? That's your intuition, and as you approach your Saturn return you're going to feel its pull even more. Your Saturn return is the time to take stock of your life. Hate your job? Is your relationship going nowhere? Are you ready to start a family? It's time to stop ruminating and start making decisions.

"If you have been pursuing a career or lifestyle to please someone else, there is a sense of urgency at the Saturn return to make important changes. Sometimes this means retraining for a career, lowering income to make a lateral move, or even divorce," Aquarian Astrology explained. "Statistically, more divorces take place in America when people are between 28 and 30 than any other time. On the other hand, some people marry and take on big responsibilities at that time." This was certainly true for me. During my Saturn return I got divorced, moved across the country, and basically started a whole new life.


You'll Get New Opportunities

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In order to make room for new opportunities, you've got to lighten your load. During your Saturn return you might find yourself at sea after leaving a relationship or job. However, this needs to happen in order to create space for new things to come into your orbit. Sometimes rebirth looks like total destruction. In the case of your Saturn return, this temporary chaos is the foundation on which you will build the next phase of your life.

"The good news is that although Saturn’s transits in our lives may mark times of plain hard work and great self-questioning, it’s also a time when opportunities present themselves and the rewards can be great," Astrologer Elizabeth Spring noted on her website.


You'll Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

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If your 20s have been blessed with fun, friends, and career wins, your Saturn return will give you a reality check. And it's actually a good thing. Saturn return is kind of like a snake shedding a skin that no longer fits. It's going to be super uncomfortable. But being able to sit with discomfort is an important life skill, and it can help you more accurately evaluate what is causing you distress and how to course correct.

"When you are under a Saturn transit, or having a Saturn return the best way to work with the energies is to let it be OK that you feel what you feel without judgment that it needs to be different happy go lucky, jump for joy, and gleeful feelings do not usually accompany Saturn; let it be OK that you feel a bit sad, dreary, pessimistic ,or just grumpy," Loving Light Astrologer wrote on their website.


You'll Emerge Stronger Than Ever

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There's no way around it. Your Saturn return is going to be difficult. However, one of the benefits of being forced to confront and evaluate your life choices is that you'll find your strength. "The lessons of Saturn can feel oppressive and difficult yet on the other side of the transit is accomplishment and peace. One of the best gifts from Saturn is to realize what you want and what you do not want," Loving Light Astrologer said.

Making decisions that may affect the rest of your life can be scary AF. But because you will also learn to take care of your own needs and trust your intuition during your Saturn return, you'll realize that have the strength and confidence to do it. You'll feel firm in your choices, which means you're ready for the next chapter of your life to begin. Perhaps the biggest benefit of Saturn return is getting to know yourself on a deeper level. And the better you know yourself, the easier it is to go forth and slay like a boss.