15 Years Of The iPhone, In Pictures

The device debuted on June 29, 2007. Here’s how it’s changed.

Steve Jobs introduces the first iPhone in 2007
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Name a modern device that’s impacted society more than the iPhone — I’ll wait. Going on sale on June 29, 2007, the smartphone has evolved a lot since its inception, from its appearance to its camera capabilities. Here are just some ways the iPhone has changed over the years.

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A Smartphone Is Born

The first iPhone came onto the scene with a 3.5-inch touch screen display, 16 GB of memory, a 2-megapixel camera, and, of course, access to internet and cell data. People lined up around the block for a chance at the $600 device.

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The iPhone 4S in 2011 would introduce the voice of Apple as we know it today: the digital assistant known as Siri. Setting a precedent for later AI helpers like Amazon’s Alexa, Siri is now available on all Apple products.

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In 2012, the iPhone 5 replaced the FireWire charging port with today’s Lightning cable input. (Chances are you still have some of those wide chargers around.)

Screen Size

There have been some major changes in appearance since the original iPhone model, especially screen size. In 2012, the iPhone 5 first increased iPhone’s size to a four-inch screen display. Today’s latest iPhone 13 Pro is 6.33 inches.

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Headphones & Home Button

In 2016, the iPhone 7 would officially ditch the headphone jack to give the phone a better battery. (Wired headphone girlies found a way to make it work, though.) In 2017, the iPhone X would also herald the death of the home button, replaced with Face ID.



The original iPhone’s 2-megapixel camera would quickly get an upgrade. In 2009, the iPhone 3GS would introduce video, and, in 2010, the iPhone 4 debuted the front-facing camera. (Yes, users couldn’t take a true selfie until 2010.)

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The capabilities of the iPhone camera quickly leveled up in 2016 with the iPhone 7’s dual camera. In 2019, the iPhone 11 would debut three lenses — including a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide lens.

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