How To Recreate The Butterfly Eyeliner Trend

It’s graphic eyeliner 2.0.

The latest TikTok makeup trend? Butterfly eyeliner. Here’s how to recreate the look.

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Graphic eyeliner has been elevating our makeup looks for awhile now, but chances are you’ve also stumbled upon butterfly liner while scrolling your social media feeds. It’s basically floating eyeliner that morphs into the shape of a butterfly wing, often topped off with pops of color.

Kim Baker, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Glamazon Beauty, says the first step in creating this delicate eye makeup look should be using a white or bone-colored liner to outline the shape of butterfly wings. This creamy liner from Urban Decay does the trick.
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“You can start out with the shape of an elongated cat eye by extending outward and then round off the bottom of the line to create the look of wings,” Baker suggests. This iteration by @alicekingmakeup is the perfect inspo.

You’ve now created your base, which shows you where to begin and end your butterfly liner. “From there, you can make out where to begin the shapes on top of that baseline of the wings,” says Baker.

Baker suggests drawing over the butterfly outline with a black eyeliner, preferably a gel that gives you more control.
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Now for the fun part: “Next would be packing on the colors into your wings,” says Baker, who loves using vibrant or fluorescent shades. “I recommend applying the colored pigment with a small eye detail brush.”
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To top it off, Baker says to place white dots along the black liner. “This makes it look more like the artwork of a real butterfly,” she says. To clean up fallout, she suggests using a Q-tip with makeup remover. Now you’ve got yourself a ’90s-inspired masterpiece to show off.