'Floating Eyeliner' Is Going To Be The It Makeup Look For Fall

Plus nine other trends you'll want to try stat.

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Blue eyeshadow is a fall 2020 makeup trend.
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Just like your wardrobe, makeup trends also change with the seasons. From cycling out summer pastels to trying new and deeper lip colors, beauty looks definitely evolve with the weather — and if you need a little inspiration or want to try something new, check out these fall 2020 makeup trends that'll be everywhere as the weather cools down.

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Bustle reached out to beauty experts including Benefit Cosmetics' Jared Bailey, makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, Urban Decay’s global makeup artist Steve Kassajikian, Emmy award-winning makeup artist for FX's Pose Deja Smith, influencer and brand owner Christen Dominique, influencer Brittany Xavier, and others for their thoughts on what you can expect to see as temperatures cool. There's no shortage of ways to express your style via your makeup this season.

From a bevy of eyeliner trends and brow shapes to which eyeshadow colors will be popular, beauty lovers have plenty of options to incorporate into their makeup routines. Whether you're looking for something to wear during your next Zoom call or you just want to try something a bit bold, there's a fall 2020 makeup trend out there for you.

Grab your pen and notebook, because you'll want to take notes on what to wear this fall.


Glowing Skin

Christen Dominique, influencer and creator of Dominique Cosmetics, sees the emphasis on "natural, glowy, healthy skin" continuing from summer and moving into the cooler weather. Although matte skin is typically popular during the fall and winter, Dominique points out everyone looks good with a glowing complexion. To get the look, she uses her Skin Gloss on the high points of her face and preps her skin using the Dominique Cosmetics x JadeyWadey Ultra Hydrating Complexion Primer.



For Urban Decay global makeup artist Steve Kassajikian, fall will focus on metallics, specifically on those with deep, rich tones. He tells Bustle the trend works for everyone and on all eye shapes and colors. "The metallic sheen bounces light off the skin and eyelids," he says.

Plus, the trend is easy to try: Kassajikian recommends using Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette and, using your finger, sweeping a shade all over the lid for a "metallic, foiled effect."


Blue Shadow

Blue is a major shadow color for fall 2020, according to influencer Brittany Xavier. "This look is for anyone who isn’t afraid to try a new look and switch up their regular routine," she tells Bustle, and recommends experimenting with different shades until you find the one that works best for your skin tone.

As for getting the look, she says you can wear it subtly — with a swipe of color on the lid — or you can wet a pencil brush with a setting spray and sweep the shade along the upper and lower lash lines before winging it out.


Smoky Liner

Artist Couture founder and influencer Angel Merino sees a smokier approach to liner than the classic wing and graphic trend and predicts a smudged out, smoky look for fall. "I know makeup has taken a backseat in a lot of people’s lives but I know we’re bringing the glam back this fall," he tells Bustle. "It’s time! Subtle, smoky eyes and smoked out graphic liners will be all the rage!"

To get the look, Merino recommends using your favorite eyeliner and drawing your winged liner as you usually would. Then, take a deep eyeshadow shade — he recommends Mink from his Supreme Nudes palette — and diffusing the clean line of the wing by smudging it with the shadow.


Jewel Tones

Deja Smith, Emmy award-winning makeup artist for FX's Pose and celebrity artist to stars like Laverne Cox, sees jewel tones becoming a trend as the weather cools. "Attention-grabbing eyes, with a pop of jewel-toned eyeliner, will be the most popular beauty trend this fall," Smith says.

If you want to try the trend, Smith says to use a concealer in any dark area and blend with your finger. Next, use a neutral taupe, brown eyeliner, or shadow stick and blend along the rim of the eye with a pencil brush. Then, apply the jewel-toned liner of your choice directly on top of the first shade. Smith says, "The stark contrast of an enchanting solid color against the backdrop of a neutral, smoky shade will be the attention grabber."

Smith adds that gold, citrine, and rust tones are great for enhancing blue and hazel eyes, while amethyst, garnet and topaz work well on green and gray eyes. Plums and jades will pop particularly nicely on brown-eyed folks.


Floating Liner

That Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga liner look from "Rain on Me?" Yeah, it's still going strong. Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin dubs "floating liner" as a must-try for fall 2020. "Floating eyeliner is a really fun and interesting trend that can be adapted in a million different ways depending on your eye shape, technical application skillset, and personal style," she says. Plus, the look is ultra versatile and works with everything from matte shades to more glittery colors.

For those with a lot of lid space, Patinkin says you can simply draw a line using a pencil brush above your socket. If you have hooded eyes, smudge a matte shade on top of the orbital bone. As for those with heavy lids, you can apply over the socket line, but angle the shade so it creates an upward lift to the eye.


Neutral Eyes

While bold colors and graphic liners are certainly in style for fall 2020, Joey Healy, celebrity brow expert and founder of Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, predicts more neutral, bright eyes for the season. Healy says the look comprises three parts: a neutral, skin-toned shadow swept over the entire lid, curled lashes and ample mascara, and a filled-in brow.

"Using a nude matte eyeshadow helps your eye look bright and even," he tells Bustle. "Curling your lashes and putting on mascara helps your eyes actually look more open. And then, with the brow, it’s about framing the eye."

Perhaps the best part of the look — outside of its simplicity and ease — is its universality. "The idea is leaning into something natural and kind of unfussy," he says, "and I think that that makes it perfect for everybody."


Bold Lip Color

Christy Coleman, celebrity makeup artist and chief artistic officer at Beauty Counter, says a pop of color on the lips is also major, citing virtual meetings as perfect opportunities to try a bold lip shade. "These are simple makeup looks that anyone can try for a natural yet polished appearance perfect for your Zoom meetings," she says, and recommends Beautycounter Beyond Gloss for a high-shine approach to color — although you can use any shade or formula for this bright moment.


Sheer Structure Brows

While eyeshadows and liners are having a moment, Benefit Cosmetics' global brow expert Jared Bailey says brows are also big and recommends a "sheer structure" approach to your arches that allows them to look clean but not overdone. Bailey describes the trend as "less defined in terms of the shape of the brow and more relevant to the style of products you choose."

To get the look, he recommends leaning into more sheer brow products, like Benefit's Gimme Brow and Microfilling Pen, and using two different shades for dimension. He says to begin with the pen first, which should be a darker shade, as it adheres to the skin instead of to the brow hairs.

"Align the pen to the base of the brow and make gentle flicks upward toward the hairline from the start of the brow to the arch," he says. "When you reach the arch, turn the pen so the prongs are stacked, and use the longest prong to make individual strokes as you taper the size of the brow from the arch to the end." As a finishing touch, sweep Gimme Brow in a lighter shade through the brows to add volume and dimension.


No-Makeup Makeup

For Dionne Phillips, pioneer of lash extensions and founder of D'Lashes, the no-makeup makeup trend is still going strong for fall. "Brows and lashes are the hottest beauty staple this year while we are all wearing a mask," she says. Phillips adds that the look doesn't require expertise and, because it's pared down, anyone can achieve it.

Phillips recommends a filled-in brow and ample lashes. As for the skin, she says a sunscreen and moisturizer combo will hydrate and protect the skin. Top off everything with a lip stain.

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