Master The Cat Eye Once And For All

by Jillian Ruffo
A brunette girl with cat eye makeup

There comes a time in our lives when we have to give in and conquer the cat eye. Whether you need a new go-to, are just experimenting, or really want to be a cat for Halloween, the occasion will inevitably arise. And unless you're one of those girls who can apply eyeliner without a mirror, the struggle is real.

After neglecting my favorite trend after many perfectly-winged years, I attempted to bring it back but came to a sad conclusion: creating the perfect cat eye is not like riding a bike. I simply couldn't do it. So, after accepting the fact that I was no longer a skilled professional, I turned to NYC-based makeup artist Jamie Dorman, who broke it down for me in a way that seems almost foolproof.

Grab a liner of your choice and get started. Beginners: A marker-like liner with a super-pointy felt tip is your best bet. (CoverGirl's is awesome.)

Oh, and If you learn one thing today, make it this life-changing piece of information from Dorman: You must draw the wing on an open eye. That's because your eyelid is a different shape when it’s open versus when it’s closed. You can draw a flawless wing when your eye is closed, but chances are, it'll look different when you open up.

Here we go!

1. Starting from the outer corner of your eye, draw a line towards the outer tip of your eyebrow, as long or as short as you wish the wing to be.

2. Then, from the top of that line, draw in and down, 1/3 of the way into the middle of your lash line (or as wide as you'd like)

3. Fill in the triangle!

4. Line your lash line, starting from the bottom third of the wing. You'll be starting from the outer corner of the eye and working your way toward your nose. This line should be thicker at the wing, and thin out towards your tear duct.

If any edges are wonky, dip a thin Q-Tip in makeup remover (Dorman loves these), and smooth things out.


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