10 Celebs Who Have The Sweetest Tattoos Of Their Pets

Demi Lovato's dedication is SO sweet.

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When it comes to family-themed ink, you can't leave out pets. These 10 celebrities with pet tattoos will give you major inspiration if you've been thinking about getting a new piece of body art dedicated to your furry pal (or pals).

Miley Cyrus may be the queen of pet tattoos. The singer has multiple bits of ink dedicated to her late animals, but this piece by Dr. Woo is in honor of Emu, the dog she adopted after losing her other dog, Floyd.

Lucy Hale recently added ink in honor of her pet. She got her dog Elvis' name tattooed on her upper arm.

Demi Lovato/Instagram

Demi Lovato's dog, Buddy, passed away in 2015, and she added this small portrait to her ankle a few years later.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner actually have matching pet tattoos. The pair added a portrait of their late dog, Waldo, back in 2019.

Orlando Bloom lost his dog, Mighty, in July, and to commemorate the pup, the actor had his name inked over his heart.

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Ariana Grande actually has two pet-inspired tattoos. Her pup Toulouse's name is on her hand. Then, on her ankle, she has Myron, the name of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's dog, whom she adopted following his death.

The Politician star Zoey Deutch has two tattoos for her dog, Maybelle. The first is a portrait on the inside of her ankle, and the second is the pup's name on the outside.

Like Joe and Sophie, Ashley Tisdale and her husband have matching pet tattoos in honor of their late dog, Maui, who passed in 2019. Tisdale has his name on her forearm, while her husband has a paw print.

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Jennifer Aniston only has two tattoos (that the world knows of), and one is in honor of her late Welsh Corgi, Norman.

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Celebrity pet tattoos aren't all dogs. Lena Dunham's late cat, Gia, is tattooed on her shoulder blade.