Demi Lovato Just Got The Sweetest Tattoo In Memory Of Her Late Dog

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Demi Lovato hasn't been in the headlines recently. She's been taking time for herself and her recovery following her an overdose last year. Now, though, she's making news for a sweet and personal reason. Demi Lovato's new tattoo of her dog Buddy is the latest in her collection of ink, and she took to her Instagram account to share the new piece of art with her fans.

On Wednesday night, Lovato posted a photo of the new tattoo to her Instagram story. In the short clip, she wrote, "Thank you, @_Dr_Woo_ for the incredible portrait of my baby angle Buddy. RIP @demisbuddy I will love you forever and never forget you," followed by an angle emoji. The tattoo itself features a gorgeous portrait of her maltipoo (who she shared with her ex Wilmer Valderrama) and a note that reads, "Buddy was here."

Lovato's dog passed away tragically in 2015, and the "Tell Me You Love Me" singer's new tattoo is such a sweet way to honor his memory. Since Buddy's death, Lovato has converted the Instagram account dedicated to him during his life to a memorial account for him leaving all of the previous images of she, Valderrama, and Buddy together.

Lovato getting tattoos is nothing new. She's got several including ones on her wrists, back, ribs, and her well-known bird tattoos. Clearly, the star loves getting new ink. The newest addition of Buddy was no exception. In fact, it was joined by another only a few days before (at least according to the Instagram timelines). To celebrate six month of sobriety, Lovato had a rose tattooed onto the inside of her index finger. Tattoo artist Dr. Woo, who also did the tattoo of Buddy, posted a photo of the floral art to his Instagram account three days before Lovato debuted the portrait of her late dog.

Obviously, Lovato isn't the only celebrities who loves to get a new tattoo every now and again. However, she is in a more specific club when it comes to ink. There are actually quite a few stars out there who have artwork dedicated to their current and late animal friends.

Perhaps the most recent celebrity to get a tattoo for their pet is Ariana Grande. The "Thank U, Next" singer decided to turn an old tattoo she got with ex Pete Davidson into a piece dedicated to her dog Myron. Her pup previously belonged to her late ex Mac Miller who passed away last year.

Miley Cyrus has also gotten tattoos in honor of her pets. Back in 2014, Cryus' dog Floyd passed away, and to honor his memory, the singer and actor (as well as many of her friends) got tattoos to commemorate the late pup.

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While the reason for Lovato's new tattoo of her dog Buddy may be sad, she's far from alone. Whether celebrities or not, people love their pets like they're family (and they are), and now, Lovato has a sweet reminder of her dog that will always be with her.