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10 Times Rihanna Flipped ‘Ugly’ Trends On Their Head

Pattern clashing, fuzzy bucket hats and more.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 13: Singer Rihanna attends The 2021 Met Gala Celebrating In America: ...
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Rihanna may be known for her impeccable taste on the red carpet, but even queen RiRi has participated in a few “ugly” trends. From embracing kitschy accessories to mixing garish prints, Rihanna has no fear when it comes to her personal style.

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Mixing Prints

Exhibit A? These clashing prints, styled with — wait for it — white flip flops. These elements might typically be considered “ugly,” especially worn all together, but on Rihanna, they are anything but.
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The quirky statement necklace from the mid 2000s, the bucket hat, the oversized clutch — all questionable, but the combination turns it into an aesthetic choice that only Rihanna could pull off.
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Faux Fur Bucket Hat

I mean...if anyone can get me to buy a lime green fur bucket hat, it’s RiRi.
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Slouchy Denim Boots

Rihanna is known for her edgy aesthetic, and this look is a great example. Slouchy OTT boots had their moment in the early aughts, but Rihanna may be the only one who could make these massive denim boots work today.
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Camo Print

Camouflage tends to be reserved for military personnel and people who enjoy hunting, but Rihanna is one of many celebs dead-set on making the print feel *fashun*. And honestly, she's succeeding!
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Lace Sunnies

Remember stunna shades? Yeah, RiRi wore this DIY version with lace over the lenses back in 2009. I genuinely can’t decide if I love or hate these sunglasses, but I admire her for taking the risk.
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Leopard Print

Leopard print is certainly a polarizing trend, with some calling it timeless and others trashy. While I question the sunglasses at night, there’s no denying that RiRi looks flawless.
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Dress Over Pants

Dresses over pants are a trend I was hoping we'd leave in the early 2000s for good, but Rihanna seamlessly brought it back with zero apologies. I do love the sorbet color combo.
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Newsboy Cap

A velvet newsboy cap is perhaps the last thing you’d add to your online shopping cart, but by some miracle, Rihanna pulls hers off. And with an all-white look, no less!
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Before this moment, I was not sold on denim-on-denim. Then, I saw this incredible dark-wash, head-to-toe denim moment, and my perspective was forever changed. Thanks, Rihanna.

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