The Controversial '00s Denim Trend Dua Lipa Can't Get Enough Of

The singer is a big fan of noughties nostalgia.

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Dua Lipa at a Versace & Frieze event 2021
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Take just one look at Dua Lipa’s Instagram page and it feels like stepping into a timewarp to the millennium. From bucket hats to butterflies, baggy jeans to baby tees, the Future Nostalgia hitmaker really can’t get enough of early ‘00s style.

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Take this look for example. The Uggs! The 2-in-1 scarf sweater! The low-rise jeans! It looks like Dua Lipa literally stepped out of 2003 with this triple-threat of early ‘00s trends. The only thing that indicates it’s a modern photo is the mask tbh.

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Whilst some might think of the early ‘00s butterfly trend as something to forget, Dua Lipa is fully embracing the trend with this pale pink number that is a complete blast from the past, right down to the strappy top and flippy skirt. 13 Going on 30’s Jenna Rink would’ve loved this number.

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Where some ensembles are filled with ‘00s references, others are more subtle. Lipa’s stylist Lorenzo Posocco called upon up-and-coming designer Maximilian Davis to create a look for the 2021 Fashion Awards, complete with modern upgrade on the ‘00s choker.

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Whilst we’ve seen a bucket hat renaissance of late on the catwalk, Dua Lipa’s furry pink bucket hat is a real nod (pun intended) to the early ‘00s. Add the larger-than-life cargo pants and you have a look that’s straight off of S Club 7’s world tour.

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Remember when it was collectively cool to put straps on everything? Tops, baggy trousers, you name it, someone added a strap in the early ‘00s. Dua Lipa took on the trend with aplomb, opting for a strapped brown coat and strapped Clueless-style checkered skirt.

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Dua Lipa took a leaf out of the Friends girls’ style book with this off-duty baby tee and baggy jeans look. Add the visible thong strap and its another triple threat of ‘00s trends in one fell swoop, proving her love of the decade isn’t just in front of the camera.

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Another subtle nod to the butterfly trends of yesteryear, this time opting for all-out sparkle and strappy sandals to finish her ode to the aughts. Whilst her look is undoubtedly ‘00s in style, the singer kept her make-up sleek, simple and modern, rendering her a true chameleon of eras.

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