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10 '90s Outfits From Friends That I Still Think About Today

Just in time for the reunion special.

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From overalls to slip dresses, here are the most iconic 'Friends' outfits that epitomize '90s style ...
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Friends aired for the ten-year span that ran from 1994 to 2004, making it one of the most iconic television shows of the ‘90s, full-stop. And, while the show’s writing and acting was at the forefront of the popularity of the show, you can’t forget about the fashion that made it what it was. The Friends outfits were so ‘90s that they’re still pretty influential today. And with the Friends reunion on the horizon, there’s no better time for a sartorial trip down memory lane.

Each of the characters’ style philosophies (and personalities) were so unique from the others that everyone could find themselves in at least one of the group of six. And yet, despite their differences, they all worked so effortlessly as an ensemble. And isn’t that the beauty of friend groups?

With HBO’s reunion special, the world is ready to mark the first time that our friends —Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courtney Cox as Monica, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, David Schwimmer as Ross, Matthew Perry as Chandler, and Matt LeBlanc as Joey — are back together in seventeen years. And it made me miss the fashion and friendship from the original show.

As ‘90s fashion has come back into our daily style lexicon, there are so many looks that originated with your favorite leading cohort. From overalls to slip dresses, here are the most iconic ‘90s looks that you first remember from Friends — and still wear today.

Rachel’s Overalls

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Rachel’s overalls were a staple of her early episodes. She sported them long and short, and styled them with baby tees, tanks, and even layered blazers on top from time to time. It’s safe to say it was a ‘90s favorite.

Monica’s Canadian Tuxedo

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Pairing denim on denim like a pro, Monica knows that the trick to a good Canadian tuxedo is mixing weights, colors, and shapes from tip to toe.

Phoebe’s Cardigan

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No one on the show styled a cardigan quite like Phoebe. And the best part was, she used it as both a layering piece with tops and dresses as well as buttoned-up like a shirt — just as everyone loves to do today.

Rachel’s Slip Dress

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It’s hard to pick just one slip dress that Rachel sported like a pro, as it was more often than not her go-to look on the show, especially for the early years. She wore it in all colors, lengths, and fits, and for all occasions.

Monica’s Vest

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Monica’s vests were a tailored favorite of the character, with waistcoats worn either over bodysuits, left open, or buttoned-up to the bust-line as a top. She paired them with everything from tailored trousers to jeans.

Phoebe’s Vintage

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Though the ‘90s themselves might now be considered vintage, Phoebe was shopping the trend from decades before even that. Today, as we look towards the past, as well as focus more on sustainable fashion, vintage is even more desirable than ever.

Rachel’s Plaid Skirt

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There are few schoolgirl-inspired looks quite like the plaid kilt and it’s one that Rachel not only rocked in the ‘90s, but is coming back with a vengeance today.

Monica’s Baby Tee

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Not quite a crop top, not quite a full T-shirt, Monica was a huge fan of the baby tee once popularized in the ‘90s. And, it’s a sure bet that you’ve purchased a fair amount for yourself over the past few seasons as well.

Phoebe’s Choker

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Phoebe’s jewelry collection was nearly a character in and of itself, always head-turning, larger than life, and vintage-inspired. The constant, no matter how many layers were piled on with, however, was her choker — a ‘90s favorite at its core.

Rachel’s Denim

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Be it her aforementioned overalls, button-down shirts, vests, trucker jackets, or plain old blue jeans, Rachel wore denim in every iteration in the ‘90s — and it’s an approach shoppers are embracing today.

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